Towny Claim cost

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  1. Hi.
    Well i have installed towny, the mayor every time he wants to expand his
    town with /t claim it will cost 30.000$, what i want is that when he does
    that the nex /t claim will cost more like 31.000. I dont know if this can
    be configured in towny.
  2. This cannot be done by /town claim but you can charge them to buy townblocks for their plot-pool, and it can be set to increase in cost.

    # How much it costs a player to buy extra blocks.
    price_purchased_bonus_townblock: '50.0'
    # How much every extra bonus block costs more. Set to 1 to deactivate this. 1.2 means +20% to every bonus claim block cost.
    price_purchased_bonus_townblock_increase: '1.0'
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