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  1. So for my server, I've been working on a custom Towny GUI that works via BossShop, rather than purchasing the plugin TownyGUI. In addition to some corrections and inclusions to the layout of TGUI that didn't exist with the purchased plugin, and fixing spelling errors, I have added some menus I felt were missing from the original TGUI.

    This project is completed!



    Step 1: Download the zip file
    ------ For

    Step 2: Unzip the shops folder into your BossShop plugin folder on your server
    Step 3A: Edit the BossShop config to search subfolders for shops:
    > > SearchSubfoldersForShops: true
    Step 3B: Do /bosssshop reload
    Step 4: Check that it's working with /bosssshop tgui
    Step 5: Optional - Mask the /bossshop tgui command with a plugin, such as VentureChat. For instance running /tgui will open /bossshop tgui.


    Fix any bugs

    Let me know what you think and if you have any issues, report them in this thread!
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    Minor spelling fixed and error corrections.

    Fixed bug where Nation Deposit and Town Deposit would load incorrectly because they had the same shop name.
  4. Ill take a look, might be handy for my towny server :)
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  5. My players have definitely found it to be a handy little tool. I hope you enjoy!
  6. Browsed through it and am glad someone has made this tool, saved me a -lot- of work as I'm working on similar tools.

    Personally, I would recommend an 'advanced' installation of this tool, delivered with a subfolder, such as /shops/TownyGUI/.
    Server owners will have to allow BossShop(pro) to allow for subfolders, however.

    Found a typographical error in the Town menu.

    Other than that, I've managed to find a few POGTORIA GUI remnants such as:

    That having been said, definitely going to be a popular tool on my server. Cheers!
  7. If you are willing to share some of your configurations I'd be happy about that and link them here: Of course that's completely up to you ;-)
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  8. Fixing now. Thank you for letting me know! I tried to get them all when I made this public. My apologies for the unintentional ad.
  9. Typo fixed and I removed the "POGTORIA" text.
  10. Does this only work on Pro? I've downloaded it and it's not running. And I have it set to true to search subfolders, forgot to mention that lol. Thanks
  11. Looks great ! I'll try it soon

  12. It's designed for both Pro and normal. You either need to remove them from the folder and put all the *.yml* files directly in your shops folder or enable "SearchSubfoldersForShops: true" in the BossShop config.
  13. Oh I got it, ty. I think players need towny perms to open those shops. I can, they cant lol. But thank you so much for working on this, great job!
  14. ..213213
    The shops should only require bossshop perms. Executing commands within the menus does require towny perms. However, just be sure they have the ability to open shops. I gave all my players ""
  15. Please move your thread to Spigot Plugin Development, and mark as Resorce.
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