Spigot TownyAnnouncer 1.1.1

A AutoMessage for Towny!

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    TownyAnnouncer - A AutoMessage for Towny!

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  2. Is there a permission node for creating an auto-message? If not, can you add one? =)
  3. Nice! Only problem is...I don't have towny on my server...:(
  4. No... because only mayors can create AutoMessages. The plugin checks through Towy if the player is a mayor, so I would'nt know why to add a permission.
  5. Was hoping to offer it as a donator benefit on my server.
  6. This doesn't really have anything to do with Towny, I would recommend using a different AutoMessage plugin for that.
  7. I run a Towny server. Not sure there are any other auto-message plugins for Towny; couldn't find anything in Google.
  8. You don't need a special AutoMessage for Towny, just use a normal Bukkit/Spigot plugin.
  9. I need one mayors can use to create automatic messages for their towns.
  10. That is what my plugin does! But I will not add permissions for creating a AutoMessage!
  11. Nice stuff @AgentLV , it'd be nice to see some screenshots in your resource page.
  12. Thank you! What kind of screenshots?
  13. It'd be nice to see the format/colours of the messages.
  14. You can configure them as you like, so I think it is not neccessary.
  15. That's what I was asking. XD
    I'll just write my own, lol.