Spigot TownyFlight 1.4.7-Legacy

Towny-enabled Flight

  1. I seem to be having the same problem as DragonIsOmega. I filed a ticket at the link you provided.
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  2. Can you add an option for flight in allied towns?
  3. Awesome plugin fot all my towny players apart from my staff.

    They fly around assisting players, fly into a town where the plugin enables flight they already have but when thy fly out their flight is removed, splat....
  4. Maybe try giving your staff this node:
    • townyflight.bypass - default to Ops, bypasses removal of flight, use /tfly anywhere.
    It should stop their flight being removed (which I am guessing is being granted by a different plugin.)
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  5. Hi there, our staff and OPs are having this same problem, even with the bypass permission, flight is removed when entering any town. Both Towny and Towny flight are at the latest versions. (This causes lots of headaches when we are flying in spectator mode as there's a mad rush to type /fly before falling through to the void.)
  6. Please file a ticket on the github where support is offered.
  7. LlmDl updated TownyFlight with a new update entry:

    AlliedTowns Flight, Hide node in permission denied message, Fix for bypass flight holders.

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  8. Installed it on 1.14.1, seems to load ok, commands work but when I do /tfly then I get "temporary fly mode is not enabled for the player"
  9. @Kaizen-Worlds I don't think that message is from TownyFlight, but I could be mistaken.
  10. It is CMI that does that. Happened to me as well.
  11. LlmDl updated TownyFlight with a new update entry:

    /tfly {name} & Bug Fixes

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  12. Glad to see tfly for 1.14, does this mean we're close to having towny working smoothly for 1.14 as well? I know farm permissions weren't working in the last dev build I used so was forced back tot he latest public release on the website.

    Either way man, thanks for all your work on towny and the flight plugin!
  13. PR5 should be out today. It won't have the farm plot fix in it unless I figure that out pretty quickly. Other than that it ought to be pretty much finished and ready for a real release build.
  14. I hope the author can support the 'war of towny' plugin.
    This is a war plugin for 'towny'
    But when I started the war with the 'war of towny' plugin
    I can still fly in town.
    I hope the author can let the war start.
    Can't fly in town through the 'towny flight' plugin
    Of course, I am talking about the 'war of towny' plugin.