Spigot TownySplashChecker 1.0-LEGACY

Prevent splash and lingering potions in Towny zones.

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    TownySplashChecker - Prevent splash and lingering potions in Towny zones.

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  2. Very good very good, half price!

    Should be useful.
  3. Little bit confused, because Towny's already got splash potion checking as far as I remember, there's a configurable list where you add harmful potions.
  4. From my experience Towny itself struggles with lingering potions (splash potions tend to be fine) and also doesn't allow you to customise whether or not residents may use the potions. I do understand it's a very minor change, but this is my first plugin after all and I wanted to start small.
  5. Resident's use of potions is just adding the potion items to the item_use_ids in the config.
    As for the lingering potions, I don't recall if we handle lingering potions, those are on the "new" side of things.
  6. You don't yet, that's why I made this plugin. It was made for a friend's server at first because players kept killing each other in non-PvP towns with harming lingering potions. Then I slapped in a config and decided "why not put it on Spigot".
  7. We do in the TownyEntityListener, line 368. Maybe the harming potion is not in the list of harmful potions on that server?