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  1. Hey Guys, I don't know if this is the right section to post this in, so if it's not, please tell me and I will gladly move it.

    I have a slight problem with having toxic staff. I've had around 6-7 toxic staff (From all my servers combined, from like 2015) and they've all done something worth remembering. I can tell you a story about one of my worst.

    This story is kinda recent. I'm not going to name names, but this guy was my head admin since 2017. We were good friends, hung out a lot, etc. Last year he decided to "pull a prank" by finding out staffs addresses, and other personal information. He went under an alt, and said he was going to kill staff members and their families. He never told anyone. A year later, he tells us that it was him. I fired him. He got really angry and wrote a comment on one of my youtube videos saying I gave him the information, and that I stole money from him. I know I don't know anyone personally here, but I would never ever do that. I would never hurt my friends, or give out anyones personal information. It's disgusting.

    Thankfully, my friends stuck with me. We didn't attack him or anything, we just blocked him and moved on despite him trying to contact us again.

    I'd like to know if you guys have any stories like these, or advice on how to avoid getting staff like this in the future.

    If you want to know about any other stories I have please PM me.

    TL;DR: I've had a lot of toxic staff, and like to know how to avoid getting them in the future.
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    Regularly prune staff members. If inactive, remove 'em. Keep a note of all infractions a particular staff member has made. Get occasional feedback from your players on how good your staff members are (I highly recommend this one). Anything you can do to ensure your staff are doing the best they can. Beyond that, you can't possibly know that someone will be toxic without them showing any signs of doing so. After you've fired a staff member, if they continue to disrupt your environment, ban them permanently and don't bother with any further communications.
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  3. This is the best you can do.

    Minecraft servers, in general, are just plain toxic by nature. Obviously older the better, and if possible if you can meet with them IRL that would be the best case scenario. Once you meet someone in real life it removes anonymity and creates a sense of "realness" in their role and relationship with you. Though this is not really practical, but good if doable. Besides that, @2008Choco had good advice on managing them. I would also suggest doing events like karaoke (sounds weird, but its good bonding) and things of the sort. This way, people would be good enough friends to not be toxic and do something like this.
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  4. I totally agree. For the age, we're 13+. I'd love to meet some of my staff I've known for years, but a lot of them live in different states. I love the karaoke idea! I'll add that.
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    If you want to avoid promoting toxic staff, know who they are before promoting them. I've promoted toxic staff in the past and learned from my mistakes. I've promoted staff who used to be toxic long ago, they aren't anymore and it turned out good. If you get to know your community, then you'll have an idea of who will fit into your staff team and who wouldn't. I've had situations like this in the recent years and seen them happen on a server I've worked for in the past. And it all happened because we didn't really know the person who we were promoting.
    I totally agree with this. If you do fun things with not only the community but the staff team, you'll create that sense of unity and so people can actually bond and become closer to one another. I know that has done successfully for how I've managed in the past.
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  6. One of the previous prison servers I co-owned ended in disaster when the person I was co-owning with disappeared with $4500 in donation money... never saw or heard from him again. Let's just say that starting a Minecraft server has been a bit tough for me to do the last couple years.

    I think that doing what you did is basically all that can be done in a situation like that. As others have said, without having any signs of future toxicity, there's no real way to know what someone could or will end up doing. Just the sad nature of the world, I guess :confused:. Some things that can help would be regularly checking in on staff members, keeping a firm record of infractions, or even adding a Staff Management role to your administration to aid with such tasks.
  7. All you can really do is try and keep tabs on people, with a lot of the toxic staff I've had it's been very hard to tell until they snap and start causing trouble. People do change a lot, and sometimes for the worst, so you just cannot predict who will turn toxic.

    Get to know people before you hire them, and keep a close eye on people when they're on the team. But also don't stop keeping an eye on them, as it were. Make sure you continue getting to know them, keep talking with them, then you might be able to spot warning signs.

    I've always tried to make sure that any damage they can cause can be reverted easily, so be prepared to deal with whatever they could do if someone were to turn toxic. Don't make it hard to permanently ban your staff, in my case I've avoided giving staff more powers than they actually need - and this just limits how much of a problem they can cause if they try.
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