tp to chunks with lag machines?

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  1. is there a plugin that check all chunks and send the ones with most lag in them? or something?
  2. Most lag in them? You mean finding the one with the most entities, right? Cause there's no other real way to find one which chunk is causing lag. Lag can come from anything, but chunks? It's not even possible to check if it is corrupted.
  3. yeah chunks with entities/lag machines/example
  4. There definitely is a few around. Let me grab you a link

    This one is great, but $10.⚡-1-8-1-15-compatible.56399/

    You can use benchmark cmds, and there's a cmd to find the laggiest chunks on the server, and you can click them to tp to the chunks.

    It's also got a lag map and a lot of other features. Personally, I don't use it but I have a friend who does and it looks pretty useful.
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