tp to spawn when login

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  1. is there any plugin which you can create lobby ,make players spawn there for logins ,and tp to the spawnpoint?

    visit :
    you spawn in lobby when you register&login plugin teleports you to original spawn point

    (sorry for bad english :(. )
  2. Are you using multiverse? If not you can edit where players spawn on the essentials config.
  3. Yes im using multiverse. And you have any tutorials ?

    Edit : Oh and i want a message when players teleport to lobby. How can i do that ?
  4. Hi, This plugin teleports player on the set spawn point on join :)
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  5. I don't actually know, however the guy above me might know, ask him :)
  6. I know how you it is bungee when you join it will teleport you in spawn in the lobby then plugin runnable task /hub or /server hub
    when player do /login it will automaticly teleport him to the lobby :)