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  1. hi there guys

    i'm trying to add a tpa skript for my server but for any reason, none of the skripts i find are working.
    so i tried something, but since i suck at making skripts it is not working pretty well. i mean it works, but it won't send the messages to the tpa receiver:

    command /tpa <player>:
    set {essentials.tpa.%argument 1%} to player
    send " &e%{essentials.tpa.%argument 1%}% would like to tp to you." to argument 1
    send "&eType &b/tpaccept &eto accept"
    send "&eType &b/tpdeny &eto deny"
    message "&eYour request has been sent"

    command /tpaccept:
    if {essentials.tpa.%player%} is not "0":
    teleport {essentials.tpa.%player%} to location of player
    send "&e&l%player% was teleported to you" to {essentials.tpa.%player%}
    send "&e&lYou were teleported to %{essentials.tpa.%player%} %" to player
    message "&eyou do not have any pending request"

    thanks in advance
  2. You are in the wrong section, take a look here
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  4. ok nice, thanks again.
    just one last thing, is it possible to cancel the tpa if the player moves? i mean the one who send the request.

  5. on move:
    if the variable of the player is set:
    delete the variable
    send a message saying they moved.
  6. looks nice but since i don't know how to use it i have no idea what to do with it ^^

    where am i supposed to set these lines in the config?