Bungee - Bukkit TPRandom 1.0

Teleport to a random place.

  1. Xfqlo23 submitted a new resource:

    TPRandom - Teleport to a random place.

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  2. I like the idea :) looks good. You could add in a configurable tp delay that gets cancelled on a move event - for servers that don't want pvp logging.
  3. So nice, thanks for the suggestion. I'll add it :D
  4. V. Nice but is there a way to add in something to disable going into faction territory? Other than that, it's a great plugin (and would change the signs from the third line to the second)
  5. Okay @Skidds999 , I'll change signs line, and i'll see what about faction
  6. This, if users use /tpr too often it causes slowdown on the server. Great plugin, but would love this feature added soon.
  7. ┬┐Se puede saber como agregar cooldown?

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