TPS 19+ but still having lag spikes

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  1. Timings:

    Plugins (65): Admin360, AnimatedNames, AntiAura, AreaShop, AutoMessage, Autorank, AutoRestart, AutoSaveWorld, BlocksHub, ChatControl, ChestShop, ChestShopNotifier, CombatTagPlus, ConsoleSpamFix, CoreProtect, CraftBook, CrateReloaded, DeluxeMenus, DeluxeTags, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsSpawn, FastAsyncWorldEdit, GAListener, GriefPrevention, GroupManager, GuiRedeemMCMMO, HolographicDisplays, IPWhitelist, ItemBox, Jobs, LWC, mcMMO, MobCatcher, Multiverse-Core, MyPet, MythicLib, MythicMobs, ObsidianAuctions, OpenInv, PandaWire, PerWorldPlugins, PlaceholderAPI, PlayerVaults, PlugMan, PROItems, ProtocolLib, RedstoneClockDetector, SafeTrade, ServerSigns, Shopkeepers, SimpleClans, SimpleWarnings, SkinsRestorer, Skript, StackMob, Tab, TitleManager, Vault, VoteParty, Votifier, WorldBorder, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, wTags

    Intel Xeon E3-1245v5 4 Cores / 8 Threads 3.5 GHz / 3.9 GHz 32 GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz

    Tried ClearLag, StackMob, all of it. The one that i can only see as a "lag" is the mobs. Are the mobs makes the server lag?

    And i saw some arguments that saying AntiCheat can cause lag spikes (lag spikes in here is like lagback, cant place block, freeze). I'm using AntiAura for now. With the NCP default's configuration, the lag even worse.

    Any help?
  2. Can you show us your timings please? Thanks!
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  3. Considering you have spikes reguarly instead of a poor overall performance, I'd place my bets on too few RAM and the garbage collector making the server lag because it needs to clean up once in a while.
  4. Some info on my server (Survival):
    - /tps and /lag (from essentials) sometimes not exact. Like at one moment /tps says 19.47 but /lag says 18 or below. And sometimes the /lag goes up again randomly.
    - Maybe you will judge that TPS 19+ is absolutely fine. But in my server it's not. There's a lot of freezes, lagback, cant place blocks, etc. My players still saying "lag" even with the 20 TPS.
    - I'm using the default (so it's just java -Xms8G -Xmx8G -jar paper.jar)
    - I've tried adjusting the RAM from only using 6GB to 12GB. The lag is still the same
    - I've tried java flags before, but the facts it just hurts more than it helps. I dont know for sure :/
    - Usually it starts lagging after ~65+ players online

    - I almost give up :(
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  5. Why do you have a 32GB server if you're only using 12
  6. Well... Maybe he has to host more than one server...
  7. I could, but i know it's a bad idea because java use the RAM differently.

    I spare it with another server:

    Survival : 8GB
    Skyblock : 6GB
    Creative : 2GB
    Skywars : 4GB
    Lobby : 1GB
    Test Server : 1GB
  8. Ahh, my apologies, that wasn't specified. So which server is the one lagging?
  9. The survival (the one that i give you the timing).
    I've tried that like 10+ times and it just hurts more than it helps. But i dont know for sure :/
  10. How long after running the server does it start lagging?
  11. After ~65+ players online
  12. Here is what i mean by "/tps is not always the same like /lag (essentials)":
  13. So you think it is a mob issue? Have you ever had a chunk issue before? I wouldn't think 65 players (unless you have some mob plugin) would cause excessive lag.
  14. Oh my, you have almost 4K chunks loaded. That could be an issue. Im not an expert on that but I don't usually have that many loaded.
  15. "The one that i can only see as a "lag" is the mobs. Are the mobs makes the server lag?"

    So i dont know for sure if it's mobs issue or not. As i can only improve perfomance by limiting the mobs
  16. The reason /tps and /lag are outputting different things is because of accuracy vs averaging. Essentials uses a much much shorter average (I think 2 seconds) while spigot's is on a 1m, 5m, 15m average. If you are experiencing spikes and not a constant (60s+) lag then /tps will not show it.
  17. You should explore your options. I think you should try a slightly modified mob spawn rate to see if it helps for a few hours give or take a few. If it seems to work, see how much you can adjust it without changing the users fun!