TPS drop after an hour

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  1. I was wondering if anyone is experiencing something similar.
    On all the 1.4.6 builds performance is great for the first hour and a half then the TPS drops to around 14 /10 and stays there until the next restart and it always happens at around 1 hour and 30 mins.

    I have tested everything and can't find the issue why, even on another server.
    I hope others are experiencing this, because i can't find the issue anywhere.

  2. Mobs build up after an hour causing this.
    They grow so quickly, the server performs fine until it hits 3000 then it goes to 4000
    and then 5000. Mm interesting.

    Oh well, expected with development builds.
    Hopefully RBs are released from bukkit soon
  3. Use a plugin called "ClearLag" and remove mobs / entites every selected seconds.

    We all have TPS problems, but no need to make threads about it, keep it to 1 thread
  4. Im testing default craftbukkit right now. It has more mobs then spigot usually does at the time, the performance isn't nearly as low though. However spigot performed better then this until an hour in. We are only half an hour in.
  5. The issue seems to lie in MonsterSpawns. I believe there is something majorly wrong.

    I wrote a simple plugin to Cancel SpawnEvents that happen when the Monster is no where near the Player.
    - I can set the Bounding Box while in-game for debugging.
    - When I set My bounding Box' Y Value to about 5; It will prevent Monsters from Spawning too far underground.
    - I can also limit how far away they can spawn. Setting it to a radius of around 30 Blocks in all directions; makes Monsters Spawning Feel a bit better.
    - This has helped Lag and Spawn Monsters where Players can actually see them.

    It's like the Server tries to spawn so many monsters so fast; when it chooses the best location it is usually always underneath the player.

    You probably Have your MonsterSpawns/Tick too high and your Ticks/Spawn too low.
  6. Mind releasing this :p
    Default craftbukkit isn't much better.
    None of these issues were happening in 1.4.5
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    I am curious, can you post your bukkit.yml?
  8. Strangely enough, the mobs aren't super high right now only 1500 so performance isn't horrible.
  9. Absolution


    Having the same problem... Server's up and good until 1 hour uptime. Then tps goes down to 6/20 :(
  10. Even with:
    - ChunkGarbage Collector
    - Adjusting the Monster Rates in Bukkit.yml
    - ViewDistance 7
    - Over 35+ Players

    Monsters do not spawn in a reasonable distance from a Player.
    They all seem to spawn outside of the range of the ViewDistance leaving them counted and not allowing more to spawn. The ChunkGarbageCollector catches up every now and then but not fast enough.

    There's got to be a way to get the Monsters to spawn From the inside out Not from outside in.
    (Excuse me for not knowing exactly how it runs).

    Maybe someone can enlighten us a bit better or point me to the code in Bukkit/Spigot that I can look at.
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    We're also seeing bad bad block lag on 1.4.6, and we barely ever had any on 1.4.5. Plugin wise there's of course been many updates to 1.4.6, but we've run with very low plugin counts the last days to test this, even down to disabling Multiverse, issue remains, just less of it.
  12. i think it has to do wiht the new chunk loading from 1.4.5-R1.0
    NoLagg-Chunks is also having problems with it. however my tps does not drop.
    i will need to have a look at NoLagg to see why this is being caused, i did nto change much in the code witth the chunks when i updated it to 1.4.6

    must be CraftBukkit
  13. 1.4.5 was perfect.
    The issue is 1.4.6
  14. i've checked you server and i can even normally walk, it teleports me back all the time (i dont have any client-mods)

    the issue might be your settings for Spigot, you may try to mess around with that
  15. The issue might be you.
    Have plenty of users on who can walk fine.
  16. are you using AntiCheat? i had issues with AntiCheat and Spigot on ym server
  17. No. I just tested myself on an account with no permissions. Walking and running and jumping all fine.
  18. try it in the spawn on that spot with the ice, keep getting stucked there.
    if not for you, then the server is probably really far away (like Australia)
  19. Server is in dallas. I couldn't get stuck.
    Please don't go any more offtopic
  20. I've been seeing the same problem on a different server. Since I am a developer over there, with ban and kick powers, I was left in charge with the admin while the other mods left for Christmas vacations. It started to become out of control so I was forced to develop a plugin that attempted to cancel spawn events - I had a very small avail. I suggested that the owner allow me to move us over to Spigot, and he said sure. So I did, and every 2 hours, we'd run into the problem you've been running into.

    Still researching this - hopefully I can code a plugin to do a bad job of covering this over - until then, the server is whitelisted as a development environment :p