Tps drops on a server that was working fine

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  1. I have a private server and for about 30 days I was having 20 tps but 2 days ago i started having large fps drops. With one player I have 16 tps but when there are 6 players there are 6 tps. 2 days ago I was having 20 tps with 6 people.
    Start command: java -Xmx4736M -Xms4736M -jar spigot-1.14.4.jar nogui
    Ram: 4736 MB
    Version: git-Spigot-cbd1a1b-009d8af (MC: 1.14.4)
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  2. Why are you still using 1.14.4? and also u can try using paper.
    1.14.4 is well-known for its bullshit performance, u should try using 1.15.2.
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  3. Try switching to Paper, it's a fork of Spigot which tries to optimize performance even more.
    If the issue still persists, just post another timings report from when you're running Paper.
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  4. Sooo I was using Paper and it didn't help but now I knowe what is the issue. My serwer is based arround a datapack Mechanization and the datapack has to many functions to run every tick and it creates lag but strange thing is that like i seed earier server was working fine mounth ago soo I'm still confused. Is there a solution to my problem?
  5. If you have a server that has a maximum allocation of 4GB try reducing your -Xms and Xmx to ‭3584‬M (3.5GB)
    This will allow for a Java OS overhead of 512mb.
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  6. Datapacks are horribly implemented. Anything even remotely large in a datapack is going to lag any server or even singleplayer world.
    It’s not very surprising considering datapacks are just a bunch of commands being run constantly, but Mojang could’ve definitely optimized them better. They just didn’t, for some reason.

    If you don’t want severe lag on your server, don’t use large datapacks on it. I would highly recommend removing the datapack you’re using.
    I do understand that your server is based around the datapack, so maybe you can find a plugin to replace it. If not, you can commission somebody to create it for you on the Services & Recruitment subforum.

    You should also optimize your server and install LaggRemover and Farm Limiter. They won’t remove the lag caused by the datapack, but they will help. However, like I said, to get a lag-free server, you’ve no option but remove the datapack, sadly. Datapacks just weren’t meant to be run on servers (or really, even in singleplayer). They’re more of a tool to play with than an actual, serious form of game modification. :coffee:
  7. What kind of hosting do you have?
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  8. What do you mean what hosting am I using?
  9. Are you running this on your own computer? If so, provide details.
    Are you paying someone to host this? If so, what company and what plan?