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Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Lolok, Mar 8, 2020.

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  1. Hello everyone, I got a prison server with 20-40 players. After 2h 30m from the start of the server, tps begin to dro: from 20 tps to 3 tps for some seconds
    I have unloaded every single plugin one by one without success
    Can someone help me?

    Server version: PaperSpigot 1.12.2
    Start script:
    Spark's timings:


    Server components:
    RAM: 32GB 3000Mhz + 128MB vSwap
    CPU: 8 core i7 8700k 5Ghz
    SSD NVMe: 400GB
    Banda: 1Gbit
  2. Hey @Lolok
    TPS drops its most likely from the Redstone Machines / Lag Machines (If your server really hates you)
    Could you provide me your plugin list?
  3. You can find all plugins in the "plugin" section of the timings
  4. Another person running Paper and asking for help in the wrong place.
  5. If you don't know how to help me you can also save useless answers ;)
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  6. If you had an Acura, would you take it to a Honda dealer and ask them to fix it?

    Go ask the Paper People. You're running their software.
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  7. Maybe there might be someone in this forum who can help me, it's not a paper issue
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  8. Then you would have read the KEY POINT #1 'WARNING: Paper is an unofficial version of SpigotMC and not officially supported.'
    Why should we take your word for this?

    Put your server on a server and make a new post or 'If you get issues while using Paper, they should be reported on Paper's issue tracker, not to SpigotMC.'
  9. I'll move along from unneeded ignorance above. All this man needs is a timings read.

    It looks like TokenEnchant is causing the most lag for BlockBreakEvent (whenever someone breaks a block, this is called). Other than that, it looks like Minecraft decided to just spent a lot of time ticking entities and trying to remove them. This could perhaps be caused from MysticMobs, or if there is some way to spawn a ton of mobs in a short amount of time, it could of been a player purposefully causing lag.
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  10. Other than what YourCoal mentioned, there's still tons of packet processing in PacketPlayInBlockDig (Block Breaking),
    from prisonutils, tokenenchants, bosssystem, many things. I doubt there's anything you can do with those plugins except for removing them.
    The issue is also maybe due to some custom things your hosting provider may have added for you such as tracker stage 1, tracker stage 2 which triggers for all your 5 worlds.
    SuperMobCoins, SuperBoosters are also taking up something named Connection Handler.

    Note that CMI is also shown on all your timings. CMI is also something that is affecting your server quite largely.
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  11. Thank you, I'll check those plugins soon
  12. Choco


    It's not ignorance. It's knowing that forks make internal changes that affect how the server runs. For the same reason that it's nonsensical to believe that a Spigot bug would be present in a CraftBukkit environment, you should never expect another fork's changes or TPS issues would be present in a Spigot environment. They know their server best. We cannot possibly know the changes they make, otherwise we would be a support forum for that server software. Which is why they have their own forums on which you may ask your questions when using their software.

    Thread locked.
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