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  1. Hi, I'm experiencing tps spikes on my server. This is the timings report. TPS spikes down to 16 like clockwork.

    Also visualised using React tps map. [​IMG]

    What seems to be the issue?
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    Ironic, but get rid of react and see what happens ;)
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  3. WAS


    I'd imagine that monitor is really inefficient at... monitoring... Lol
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  4. I was thinking that, It's a paid plugin and well maintained so I didn't want to believe it :(
  5. WAS


    For a dedicated server with plenty of resources to spare, sure it could* work with minimal impact, but on most peoples servers, I'd imagine it's going to cost a TPS or 2.
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  6. Can you suggest an alternative anti lag plugin?
  7. React certainly isn't an anti lag plugin. It's a plugin to monitor lag. However, there are alternatives to it such as LagMonitor which has most of the same things, and afaik, not as resource sucky.
  8. How is react not an anti lag plugin? It has features such as interval removing entities, mob stacker. It even automatically fixes TNT and red stone overload.

    As said above I guess I do not have enough resources for it to be useful in my situation.

    Is there a golden anti lag plugin that people use? I've heard clearlagg is horrible.
  9. I was not aware what react truly was. I assumed it was like lagmonitor. Sorry, I should of done my research before replying.
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    There is no such thing as a proper anti-lag plugin, a fair chunk of them don't even attempt to solve lag issues but work around it (e.g. stacking mobs, which just ruins gameplay and the game as a whole imho...), implement features already implemented in the server (removing item drops every x amount of time (which is already built into the server in a much more performant manner instead of iterating the whole set of entities on the server, why not let the server do what it already does and remove them then), or perform tweaks that are already configurable by the server, and screw up performance when it jolts back and forth between certain settings when it fails to stabilize, or just in general does nothing but screw the performance of your server even more.

    The only way to fix performance properly would be to modify the server directly, instead of screwing around with settings already there.
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  11. Well, was it react?
  12. Okay, I understand. Thanks for the reply.

    Yes it was. After removing react my server is completely playable again. If you're interested i can report back after testing react on the dedi i'm setting up. I'll be able to compare the performance of shared vs dedicated hosting with react.
  13. You can reduce the Mob Activate Range. Info: Spigot.yml

    Test the Values :3

    animals: 32
    monsters: 32
    misc: 16
    players: 48
    animals: 48
    monsters: 48
    misc: 32
    other: 64
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  14. Did even read above before replying? The issue was solved after react was removed. Next time, read the post before replying to a 3.5 week old post with nothing useful.
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