TPS Problems/Lag with my Dedicaded server.

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  1. Hey. Im having problems with my server in CPU lag problems.
    Im having 40 players online and CPU drops to ~17.0 and then the lag starts.
    Thats whith around 46 players and there are alot of lag spikes coming in. (Nocheat spams chat etc)
    Server stats:
    Intel Core I3-2130
    16GB DDR3 RAM
    2x 1TB HDD
    100Mbit Uplink
    10TB Bandwith


    Well there they are.

    Most interesting thig is the fact that if the CPU drops below 19TPS the server seems to get laggy instantly? Any ideas why? I was in a server that had TPS 9 And i saw no "lag" at all? Exept players were laggy... But the ping was good and Nocheat didnt spam my screen with sudden lagspikes...

    And this is a huge problem to me cause im losing players cause of the lag. And the fact that the server is pretty expensive to keep up isnt making things any better. Im pretty much running out of options here. Spigut helped alot but for the past couple 3 weeks it has been quite laggy :/

    Just before you anwser:

    Just to let you know. Server is offline mode=false. Sad truth is that my last server died after i changed it to = true so.... I wont most likely be helped but i would be glad if some would.
    i know i will get hated about that sad fact but i have putten so much money into this server that i cant afford to just change it to true. Want to give me tips in the "True" mode? go nuts. I own 3 premium accounts that i have payed my self. So just for info.
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  2. Anyone? :(
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  3. PhanaticD


    are all your plugins up to date? post a worldguard report
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  4. Does /ncp lag show something for you? I would say the best solution would be to get NoLagg and disable everything exept NoLagg Examine.
    So now if the lag starts then do /lag examine [duration] and post us your examine file here.

  5. same with last build.
  6. Well mine was caused by most likely the I3 processor. Im upgrading to I5 now :)