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  1. Proof


    Let's say my server has low TPS like 15. Should I give it more time to check for something or less time? I am thinking for every TPS below 20 I will multiple that by 50 so it will have extra time to check. I am working on an anticheat at the moment
  2. If you use schedulers, the server will handle this delay for you naturally.
  3. When you got 20 tps, the calculation of every tick takes 50ms or less. When you got 15 tps you already take 67ms. You should save time to get far below the 50ms mark. Use the timings function in Spigot to find out what causes the delay and optimize it.
  4. Think you misread this one ;) - It's not his server that is lagging, he's making anti-cheat and wants to be able to cope with his plugin being used on unoptimized servers.
  5. Ah ok, sry.
  6. konsolas


    TBH, I think it's more useful to disable checks as the TPS goes down, to allow it to come back up again.

    In answer to your question, you would give a player less time to do something. However, that may reduce your TPS even more.