Bungee - Proxy tr-AllowCrackOnline (BungeeCord) 1.1

Allowed users to login on your server

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    tr-AllowCrackOnline (BungeeCord) - Allowed users to login on your server

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  2. Looks good but do you have plan for updates? Can you add per world support? I don use BungeeCord
  3. I don't know, I work on another project. Currently I just correct the bugs and do small improvement on the uploaded plugin.
    If I have the time I will try to add this.
  4. Hey
    I think I have a problem configuring the config fills.
    everything seems to work but when I connect with a cract acount.
    I can not connect even though I have executed the comando / ac add <pseudo>.

    > ac list
    21:29:21 [INFO] 9 [tr-AllowCrackOnline]> The allowed player are: <jef>, <wertie>, <test>

    can you help me?
  5. This is weird, can you send me your bungeeCord and your spigot version?
    And did you see any log on the console when you try to join your server?

    Also another question, is your auth setup up?
  6. Thanks for the quick response
    I use the latest version of bungeecord
    and the latest version for spigot 1.12.2

    > ac enable
    12:32:05 [INFO] [tr-AllowCrackOnline]> The plugin is now enable!
    12:32:11 [INFO] [jef] <-> InitialHandler has connected
    > ac list
    12:32:27 [INFO] 9 [tr-AllowCrackOnline]> The allowed player are: <jef>, <wertie>, <test>

    do you need the config folders of bugeecord and spigot
    I am not sure if I have set up the auth correctly
  7. Yes, the config files can help, if you don't want to send it on this forum you send them in PM
  8. dis is the config bungeecord

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  9. and the config from the plugin

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  10. Thanks, I need to setup a new environment on this computer and I go back to you when I have more information.
    You config file seems to be ok
  11. I have verify and it work for me.
    You need to verify different settings:
    • ip_forward: true (needed for online user)
    Spigot servers:
    • online-mode=false (Because you use BungeeCord, the online-mode only need to be true on the BungeeCord side)
    • bungeecord: true (not needed but avoid people bypassing BungeeCord)
    I have attached my config files

    In my try I have found a weird issue that lock the /login command after a disconnection, but verify if you can at least join the auth server with this settings. I'll fix this issue ASAP

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  12. I have tested it and it still seems not to work have even copied everything from you and it still does not work still the same problem access with legal acount but not with ilegaal
    i have changed the databays data and the port numbers
  13. Okay, I have added some debug message to this jar, can you tried it and send me your logs?

    And if you see this message, can you send me the your BungeeCord plugin list :

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  14. I hope you get a little wiser now
    here are the logs
    this is the only plugin that I have installed for the moment

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  15. I have found something on the log, but that's weird.
    I haven't seen that on the first message, but the player name stored in your database are <playerName> instead of playerName. Can you remove and add your players again? If it recreate player with this <> please send me your mysql version and the data present in your database.
  16. sorry it was stupid of me. I have found the problem.

    / ac enable - Enable the plugin
    / ac disable - Disable the plugin.
    / ac add <pseudo> - Add player allowed to use cracked version.
    / ac remove <pseudo> - Remove player allowed to use cracked version.
    / ac list - list all player allowed to use cracked version
    I have given <jef> for add. I did not understand that <> did not have to.
    it works now.
  17. Np ;)
    the <> think mean it's a variable.
    Thanks to your mistake I have found and fix two bugs, I'll push an update tomorrow.
  18. Amosar updated tr-AllowCrackOnline (BungeeCord) with a new update entry:

    Bug fix - add metrics and debug mode + antiSpam system

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  19. smmmadden


    Hi - I've added this resource to my spreadsheet below so server owners can find this more easily. Also note that you have a typo in this dependency statement.
    • One server dedicated to authentification (should be spelled as authentication)
    Can you also elaborate on what you are referring to and if you are supporting a specific authentication plugin?
  20. Thank you I have correct the typo.
    I think you can add the support for java9 and 10, I compile the plugin with java8 for the compatibility but I try it with java10.

    And yes I'll make this more clear, the plugin include an authentication system. You need an authentication server because the plugin doesn't contain a bukkit bridge to disable player interaction.
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