Bukkit Tr-Seller 1.3.2

Free shop/seller plugin with all minecraft items support

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    Tr-Seller - Free seller plugin

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    Add support all items and multi-pages

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  3. Hello, I think there is a "bug" when you buy an item : you can still buy item when your inventory is full, but you, of course, never receive items ...
  4. The cost can be a custom item with custom lore, name and enchant?
  5. Sorry Lekmerison I haven't seen your message :/ This is not bug, it's just I haven't think a verification will be useful. (I'll think to add this as an option in the futur).
    robi , The cost need to be a number because it's link to the economy plugin. I don't think to add this feature in the futur
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  6. not work in 1.13

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  7. it's a java version error, I'll recompile it with an older version.
  8. how do I add a value to the items?
  9. If I open the edit menu and set 50x sheets (with any item) the amount in the store becomes 1x sheets.
  10. You can't do this, Only the user choose how many item it want to sell or buy.
    The stock (if it's what do you want), is a feature that I need to add.
  11. I really wanted to use this plugin, the big problem is that it's not very editable.
    It would be interesting if it were 100% editable.
    And do not limit yourself to that limit of 1, 8, and 64 items ... something that you put in the game like all store plugins with citizens.
    Example: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/tr-seller.28655/
    Too bad that the example quoted does not work on 1.13.

    Good job, anyway.

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  12. Yes I need to find a way to improve this type of customisation. If you know a good way to do that I open to suggestion :)
    Like how it will appear on the config file.
    The 1, 8, 64 exist because the plugin have been develop to be used on my personal server and only adapted to be used by everyone. Some part need to be improved ^^
    And yes I need to update my plugins description but I haven't take the time to do that :/
    And I want to add a stock feature but I don't have the time to do that

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