Tracking down portal related plugin

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  1. I apologize in advance as this may be a noobish feeling post. I recently set up a private whitelisted server for a group of friends. Happily running Spigot 1.11.2.

    It's been many years since my last real solid multiplayer minecraft run and one of the servers I was on was one of the very very early bukkit releases and we had some useful plugins set up. One in particular I have been on the lookout for but nothing stands out in my searches.

    Essentially the concept was simple. Build a normal nether portal. Attach a sign and a button. I forgot the mechanics to set it up but pressing the button would cycle destinations to other portals in the world which would display on the sign. If memory serves it was mostly done in game with no commands and just signs but I may be wrong.

    I'd like to have that for our current world but haven't been able to find a plugin with those specific mechanics.
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    That's actually kind of a cool idea. If I'm not busy soon I may take a bit to write this just for fun ^-^ It sounds simple, but creative nonetheless. Any name recommendations?
  3. Sorry for the delayed reply. That would certainly be cool! I do seem to have found exactly what plugin we used but it does appear out of date and not sure if it is compatible with current builds:

    The readme pretty well covers the mechanics which match what I was aiming for. Again, not sure if there's anything current that gets close to this.