Tracking Server Growth

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  1. How do you guys track the growth of your servers?

    I've been using StatsCraft for a few months now, and love it...

    What does everyone else use?
  2. I calculate average players from daily votes.
    I average at around 450 votes per day.
    I personally have a self-made script that fetches the count of daily votes, divides by 6 (links), injects it into Excel, compares to other dates, calculates the future projections and shows average players sorted by days. Nothing fancy graphic wise, but I'd rather have valuable information.
  3. GaIaxy


    And here you are; the master of data.

    I think once Krazy Realm launches I'll implement something that tracks data for me. I always am found of seeing my progression of something.
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  4. I personally use Network Manager by dunios. It shows you stats like average players per day/week, future predictions, advanced analysis statistics. It's pretty impressive.
  5. I use a monitor software called Grafana. I push litteraly everything to it that I want to monitor, not only Linux server performance, but also Minecraft server performance (custom plugins to achieve this). I can also monitor playercount, how many players have died between a certain time, new player count, and so on. I might even add financial graphs to it. You name it, I monitor it. This isn't easy to do as it requires all custom plugins but it is something very cool in my opinion.
  6. That sounds awesome!
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