Trackpad Scrolling Issues in Windows 10 Creators Update

Discussion in 'Technology' started by The_Doctor_123, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. So I updated to the Creators Update the first day it was available to the mainstream on my Surface Pro 4. Since the update, trackpad scrolling has just been completely obliterated. It's really been a nightmare. I'm unsure of whether the issues at hand are experienced with all computers running Windows 10 with Creators Update or it's Surface Pro 4-specific. Here's all the problems I'm experiencing:
    1. Scrolling in applications that support smooth scrolling have been slowed down to about half the speed, resulting in too slow of a speed. In order to offset this loss, I must set the number of lines scrolled to a higher number, but now applications that don't support smooth scrolling go way too fast!

    2. Scrolling in applications that do not support smooth scrolling now jump x number of lines at a slower rate. Before the Creators Update, it would scroll one line at a time at a faster rate, resulting in relatively smooth scrolling. I often find myself disoriented when there's multiple lines scrolled at a time. Two examples I can give where this occurs is Windows Explorer and Notepad++.

    3. Applications that don't support horizontal scrolling don't scroll horizontally any longer with the touchpad(they did before the Creators Update).

    4. I also had an issue where Eclipse would stutter immensely while trackpad scrolling(see here). I've since created a new copy of Eclipse and the issue seems to be resolved. Although, someone else has reported the same problem in IntelliJ. Not sure what's going on there. The three previous problems is really what I want focus on though.
    Someone told me on Reddit that previous to the Creators Update, trackpad scrolling directly manipulated scroll bars on legacy applications. He claims that mouse scroll events are now sent to the application. I want to know if this is true and if other people experience some of the same symptoms on their laptops. Ultimately, I'm asking if this is related to Windows or the Surface firmware/drivers. Sharing anecdotal experiences would be very valuable to me. If this is Windows related, is there a possibility to revert to previous functionality?