Spigot Trade System | Custom layouts! 1.1.4

Setup your own trade gui ingame and create your way to trade with other players!

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    Trade System | Only GUI - Beautiful way to trade with other players!

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  2. Hi there, can you update to 1.13 please?
  3. make it so both parties don't need to trade
  4. If you want to create a layout, follow these steps:
    1. Run /ts layout create
    2. Fill the trade gui with items
    3. Choose a name for your layout
    4. Set the functions to the items
    5. Add items for all ambiguous functions
    6. Save
    It‘s quite easy to use, I‘ll add a tutorial soon
  5. My inventory is clearing when I have items inside it
  6. Which inventory? Your own or the gui. On which point, will the items be removed
    Did you get errors?
  7. Hi!
    I have two suggestions for you to the next update. Make a configurable trading range - to not make trades between worlds and huge distances and a shift+right click on the player to send a request to trade - of course with a cooldown.
  8. Hey, thanks for your idea, I will add this ;)
  9. One more thing: The cooldown... Do you mean the cooldown between sending requests?
  10. Yes for the request. Not the trades.
  11. Alright, if you have another nice idea, post it here ;)

    Btw, your ideas go into the next update, I‘ll upload it tomorrow 12:00 UTC ;)
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  12. Works amazing really helpful when making factions servers
  13. Any plans to add vault economy support so you can trade with money?
  14. There is already a support for Vault ;)
  15. The option to close the trade when taking damage and dropping items placed inside the trade window on death would be appreciated
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