Spigot Trade System | Custom layouts! 2.1.0

Setup your own trade gui ingame and create your way to trade with other players!

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    When you take a stack of, let's say 3 items, and you right click them in to the same slot, 1 by 1, it does not update the other players GUI, and the trade can not be completed. (Clicking the Status button does not work)

    Fixes itself if you take the items out and add them back in.
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  2. I couldn't find any API for the plugin. Does this plugin have one? Any Events available to to listen to?
  3. Not yet. But you can fork my project and add some events.
  4. A friend of mine pulled PR about TradeEvent.
    But could you please also add an option to Blacklist items by Lore as well?
  5. I gave the player permissions and they enter trade and they can accept, but the GUI with trade is not displayed. why? and when a person with all permissions enters trade, the GUI displays (if 2 people exchanging trade enter trade, the GUI with trade displays). Why is it like that? Players have all permissions to trade
  6. I had extreme lag when I added this plugin, which was fixed by removing the plugin and restarting. Has anyone else had this issue?
  7. Did you use paper timings? Would be interesting to see it. Please dm me for that
  8. I don't use paper timings, I use spark. The plugin doesn't show up in the spark since there is most likely a memory leak. Old gen occurs around 30 minutes before the plugin, and after adding the plugin, old gen occurs every minute.

    This is from a memory leak. In the TradeListener class, you have a player list called players. You only add to this list and never clear it. This keeps the player instance in memory, which keeps the chunks and entities around disconnected players loaded.

    Edit: To fix this, simply remove the player onPlayerQuitEvent
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  9. Hey there!

    I wondered if this plugin fully supports custom items. I use mythic mobs for my server, which includes a lot of custom items & custom enchants. Does any of this break when they are traded?
  10. I tried to trade with my friends, when I tried to trade it says "YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TRADE" when I tied it with me in op mode its works great. How can I allow non op players trade ????
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    [15:59:30] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 18/WARN]: at de.codingair.tradesystem.utils.updates.UpdateNotifier.readBody(UpdateNotifier.java:59)
    [15:59:30] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 18/WARN]: at de.codingair.tradesystem.utils.updates.UpdateNotifier.read(UpdateNotifier.java:25)
    [15:59:30] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 18/WARN]: at de.codingair.tradesystem.TradeSystem.lambda$startUpdateNotifier$2(TradeSystem.java:213)
    [15:59:30] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 18/WARN]: at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_16_R3.scheduler.CraftTask.run(CraftTask.java:81)
    [15:59:30] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 18/WARN]: at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_16_R3.scheduler.CraftAsyncTask.run(CraftAsyncTask.java:54)
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  12. I have lag problem
  13. That's a bit of an understatement when the memory leak still hasn't been fixed.

    Edit: Also, why is a dupe patched on the github version but it isn't released on spigot??? I hope that bug is not present on the spigot version. How is any of this acceptable for a public plugin?
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  14. You are answering yourself. It's a public plugin which additionally is free. Give me some time and this resource will get it's updates.
    BTW, dev-builds are available on my Discord server (linked on my overview page).
  15. Is there a way I can add permissions to view the tradelog to my staff members? I can't seem to find any permissions within the plugin yet regarding this.
  16. Sorry. It's "TradeSystem.Log"
  17. Might be very late, but the class you mentioned does not create those memory leaks since it's a custom time list which removes the added player after 1 second.