Spigot TradeCraft [Defunct] 1.1.3

Rebalance villager tiers and trades

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    TradeCraft - Rebalance villager tiers and trades

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  2. This plugin completely solves the exploitable Vanilla trading system. Does a excellent job at completely balancing Villager trading.
    Works great with 1.8
  3. Great plugin, been using it awhile. Any chance you could add more minecraft ID support? I used the id, "red_flower:1", "38:1", and "orchid" for the blue orchid flower and none will work but all result in the flower with the /give command.
  4. @BlissMCServer You need to use `data: number` YAML node for that to work. So to get what you want:
    Code (Text):
    name: red_flower
    data: 1
    The reason `/give red_flower:1` work for you is that WorldEdit (or WorldGuard, I forgot) extends vanilla command to make :data notation work. In vanilla Minecraft it would be `/give red_flower 1 1`

    PS: If you like TradeCraft, could you review it? :)
  5. Left a review for you :)

    Is there a way to "refresh" all villagers on the server when the configuration is updated? I restarted the server but it did not change already spawned villagers. I know that if a villager has no trades and you restart it will update them.
  6. The plugin won’t refresh old trades by design – players react badly to their trades changing especially if they put a lot of work to make a trading center (and we couldn’t refresh just one trade you edited, it would have to roll a dice for every single one, potentially giving them worse prices). If you really need to update a flawed/broken trade, you will need to execute an SQL query on your database.
  7. Hey, I was trying to use Shopkeepers with this plugin but it causes the shopkeeper villager to 1. Not allow you to use it. 2. Spawns an infinite amount of villagers over time. Any chance you could add support for that instead of solely Tradecraft and no other villager related plugin?
  8. From plugin’s page:

    Sorry, we are not planning to support any other plugin which changes villagers.

    BTW 1.8.3 support is coming shortly.
  9. Hello. I have a few question that i would like to ask

    With the currency. Is it possible to set a "name"/"lore"/"enchantment" with color code?

    THakns for your time
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  10. I have a couple questions. Is there a way to turn off the console spam? Also if I just put gold nugget for currency, will that stop all villagers from potentially selling players emeralds?
  11. Installed the plugin, restarted, but it creates no folder .....
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  12. Update please.
  13. Hi

    Would you update for 1.9 ? :)
  14. Any chance for an update to 1.9.4, please?