Premium TradeMe with API to create custom trades (1.7.10-1.16.x) [Paid]

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    TradeMe - Trading plugin

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  2. Looks extremely sweet! Just bought it! :)
  3. Looks great would it be possible to add a toggle-able feature which prevents from trading items in your hot bar?
  4. Sounds awesome but 10GBP? Maybe starting sale :D??
  5. seems to expensive
    But looks great
  6. too expensive
  7. Not interested but wanted to say this looks super cool! Good luck with sales! :)
  8. Yea, i can add this, but why do you want this feature? And do you want this to be for regular user like /trade toggle or for general to prevent trading from hotbar?
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  9. Toggle in the config, I want this because I use the hot bar as a skill bar and people can then dupe items from it.
  10. och, ok, now i understand :) Today or tomorrow I will post update
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  12. name of plugin?
  13. That free plugin cant even do basic stuff like it suppose to... This free plugin is main reason why I decided to create this as I was tired of trade plugins don't perform basic stuff how they should. Most of them don't even have economy support, I'm not even talking about exp. And that for $2, check reviews and you will understand why its $2... I'm offering a lot more features and more or less bug free plugin.
  14. Its a free market, people will still buy it if they want it. He can post what ever price he thinks his work is worth.
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  15. work with 1.7.10?
  16. Tested. looks like everything works how it should work.
  17. thanks ill be purchasing this in a bit
  18. I hugely recommand this plugin, Super usefull - no bug - huge Support by Zrips.

    You can buy it the eyes closed!
  19. Looks really amazing, anyways I think it's a little bit too expensive.
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