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    TradeShop [NEW POWERFUL TRADING PLUGIN w/ signs and chests] - New powerful trading plugin with signs and chests - [Trade] signs

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  2. Hey guys, love this plugin but... looking up item IDs is a pain!

    What if chests just had a single price per stack of contents inside. So if you price [trade] / 1 diamond, then every single item stack inside the chest would cost 1 diamond, like a stack of 64 blaze rods, or just 1 blaze rod.

    This would also allow mixing the contents of chests, so I could sell 32 stacks of blaze rods and 5 iron blocks, or whatever else I added in the chest.
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  3. Not a bad idea... I'll think about adding it in future releases.
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  4. This is just what i have been looking for!! i have seen outheres but they dont even work..
    Possable 1.11.2 update?
  5. I haven't tested it for 1.11.2, but it should work (theoretically).
    Also, there is an item metainfo bug which I will fix soon, just so you know it's there.
  6. as long as it works, thats super i think we can deal with a little metainfo bug :)
    its been downloaded, and ill run the server and see what happens :u GOOD NEWS! seems to be working, except
    [20:10:14 ERROR]: WARNING: you seem to not be using the Xerial SQLite driver. S
    ee ORMLite docs on SQLite: http://ormlite.com/docs/sqlite
    (it wont create the tables)
    Thats cool through, the main server(s) im working on will be useing MySql anyhow :3
  7. TradeShop doesn't use MySQL... That's why it's so powerful, it doesn't store any data at all...

    If you show me the error, I can tell you which plugin is causing it and why.
  8. How does one go about creating one of these "official" tradeshops?

    Slight issue with double chests (at least in 1.11.2), if you place a chest next to it you can access the shop chest. For the time being I guess you would just make it a double chest and place the same sign over the other side as well. Either way, this might be the next plugin for my server!
  9. To create an "infinite" tradeshop, follow the same steps you'd follow to create a normal tradeshop (place down chest, place sign on chest....), while making sure you replace [Trade] with [iTrade] (not case sensitive!)
    Yoi need the permission 'tradeshop.create.infinite'

    Concerning that bug: yes, I assume placing a sign on the other half of the chest would fix it. This is because Bukkit considers a double chest as two separate containers, not one.
    Anyways, you could use worldguard as well (deny "chest-access", allow "use").

    And no worries, this'll be fixed soon.
  10. So just found out Creepers will destroy the shop, would protection against this be an option for this plugin, or would that be outside the scope you are wanting? Also any plans to allow some way of trading items with enchantments?

    Is the "ItemMeta bug" when you are trying to trade say, stained glass, an it gives you the standard color and does not remove it from the chest? If that is the case, then this bug still exists in 1.11.2.
    Sorry I got ahead of myself, looks like someone has already reported this bug on github.

    It may be too much, but if possible, would be awesome if you could set the item for trade by punching the sign with that item. So place the sign, and write the quantities, then punch with the item you are selling, and then what you want? Just throwing out ideas, but I do love the idea of letting the players decide what item to trade, instead of using a "soft" currency, or a pre-defined item.
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  11. I'll look into it and add it to the to-do list. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
    Pretty sure this has been fixed in release 1.3.0. If you are still experiencing this issue with that version, make sure to tell me.
    No, this is another bug, the one you saw on github's issue tracker. (It was fixed with 1.3.0 - make sure you has the right version - run /ts or check the console startup log.)
    Whay exactly fo you mean with "soft" currency?
    Also, are you talking about the buyers or the sellers?

    Thanks for your ideas and your tome.
  12. I have downloaded the latest release, and manually from Version History. It is displayed as 1.3.0, however in the file/console it still shows 1.2.0.

    I meant "soft currency" as you posted in the Overview, like the digital currency like $, I don't like that kind of currency, that'w why I like this plugin so much compared to the others.

    When the seller is setting up their shop.
  13. @Red3Tango , thank you for the clarification.
    That's weird. If you are sure you downloaded the latest version from the site, you should be fine. I'd suggest you retry downloading the JAR and see if it is still displaying the wrong message.
    Indeed, I ave been looking for a plugin like this for ages but failed to find it. Plus, there already are dozens of plugins that allow trading items for soft currency. Thus, I ended up making this one. Thanks for the positive feedback.
  14. can u add the ablity to use money plz?
  15. @Lori00 two issues i've seen 1 is not matter if i have the right amount of item or not the system still allows trade, had a non oped person try and they did as well

    other issue and this might be me, is if i want cocoa beans to trade, it should be dye 3, but that gives me error, is this a formatting error on my part?
  16. I'm aware of these occasional glitches. The plugin is currently being recoded, a better version will be released soon
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