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    TrailGUI - Aims to be the best Trail plugin for your server.

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  2. Could you add an option to add/change lores to items? And is it normal that the nextpage arrow isn't working?
    Trail suggestions:
    • heart trail
    • Explode trail
    • Endereye trail
    • An XPorb trail (if possible)
    • OreTrail (Get dropped ores/ingots behind your feet: diamond, goldingot, ironingot, coal, emerald)
    • WoolTrail (Same as the oretrail but then with coloredwool)
  3. NightWorldSky


    Perhaps have /trail <trailname>
    which will give you the trail you specify.
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  4. Noble Pro


    Agree, I'll definitely use this plugin if per-trail-commands are added.
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  5. Thanks dude! Really cool
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  6. The plugin is great, thanks for making it. You could add the feature of when you perform a trails, it send a message to the player that they've performed that trail.
  7. It's normal that the next page is not working; I didn't have enough trails. Thank you for your suggestion I will add the ability to add/change lores for all the items inside the GUI. I will also add the trails you suggested.
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  8. I was already planning to add this, will add it as soon as possible. :)
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  9. I will also add this in the next update, Thank you for your suggestion.
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  10. Pretty awesome, also I think that you should have the option to have per-trail permissions.
  11. NightWorldSky


    They already are per-trail...
  12. Whoops, for some reason I didn't catch that. Great work!
  13. Could you make it so we can set the position of the trails?
  14. This is a great plugin overall
  15. When I have time I will add this. Thanks for the suggestion
  16. The best Trail plugin ever! but you need to fix the next page bug :(
  17. As I stated here:
    I will most likely be releasing an update this week. :)
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  18. Hey guys, I was wondering: would you like to have an auto-updater implemented into this plugin? It would check for a newer version when the server starts. Things I added for the next update:
    • Added customizable select messages. (Disabled by default)
    • Added /Trail <TrailName>
    • You can now add three lores to the items in the GUI. (Disabled by default)
    • Added the trail: Hearts
    • Added the trail: Ender Signal
    • Added the permission: trailgui.nextpage
    • Added the permission: trailgui.previouspage
    • Added the permission: trailgui.hearts
    • Added the permission: trailgui.endersignal
    • (I'm adding more permissions)
    • You can now configure the location where the particle is displayed.
    • Made the plugin even more lightweight.
    I was thinking about making trails that show the "Block Break" effect for each block currently in Minecraft (Tell me what you think about that), I also have some other trails in mind.
    I will have a look at the item trails but need to figure out if they will cause problems with other plugins.
    Leave any ideas and questions/concerns here and I will reply as soon as possible.
  19. That would be awesome! Maybe you can choose your blockbreaking partical by typing /trail blockbreak <blockID> and in the GUI when you click on the icon it will say in the chat 'Now type the block you want to have to particale from' (if possible of course)
  20. Awesome, adding this to my TODO list. Thanks for the suggestion!