Spigot TrailGUI 6.16.1

EULA Compliant! - Lightweight, 100% Configurable, and Open Source! The best trail plugin available!

  1. The name of the plugin is TrailGui but there isn't even a GUI #Logics only a list of trails when running /trail :(
  2. "/Trails - Opens the GUI."

    Please read the full post next time, before making yourself look stupid.

  3. /Trails lists the Trails in chat doesn't open a gui!
  4. The /trails command opens the gui, /trail lists the available trails. Be careful for the S at the end.
  5. 0-o Thanks sir :)
  6. ssamjh


    Using mysql doesnt seem to sync trails properly? Any ideas?
  7. I'll need some more information. Can you give me an example of the issues?
  8. jej.....................
  9. Is this 1.11.2 compatible?
  10. Yes.
    Your inventory name cannot contain colour codes.
  11. I love this plugin, please keep it updated
  12. Thanks!
    I plan to keep it very up to date
  13. Ah, I'll have a look into it.
  14. What? xD
  15. Was in the middle of doing some things
  16. One question,

    there's a way to replace the empty slots with some random item that does "nothing"?
  17. Currently not yet, but I'll investigate this