Spigot Trails menu ♥For fun♥ 1.9


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    Trails menu ♥For fun♥ - Trails

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  2. and final the 4th time...
    good that u added command and permissions. but the plugindiscription is horrobible
    here u download a plugin where u just can image what it is..
    this plugin currently is a blackbox
    ...ok i think this is getting borring for u so lets
    Why all your plugins are in this blackbox design? u realy should try to work on your plugin descriptions to not get bad reviews from others.
    make a small description for your plugigs like
    - "this plugin adds cool effect to you, or what ever this plugin does"
    - descripe the way to install quicky -> copy file, restart / load plugin
    - have fun or some other small things
    - maybe add a screenshot? screenshots mostly be loved ;)

    your current format is:
    "i dont tell u what u can get here but here are commands and permissions, oh an i thank you if u use my plugin"
    sorry but this has nothing to do with "first description of first plugins etc..
    its just a horrible design that just help to get bad ratings :3

    Greetings :)
  3. Great plugin

    Keep going!

    your friend KingKillerCz <3
  4. can you give me your skype?