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  2. i believe this isn't a bungee-proxy plugin
    anyways, sweet! i'm tryin this for sure :) looks great and useful!
  3. Fixed that and thanks. Be sure to report any bug or error you have!
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  4. i know i'm being selfish here, but is there a way to make it so the plugin detect signs "train" instead of "[train]" ? cause i prepared my world for a long time for this but all the [] in signs got removed in the updates, i got hundreds of them all around the map XD

    or does someone know a good mass sign editor i could use?
  5. Use the latest version on drone. And enable 'parseOldSigns' in the config.
  6. on drone? i'm confused, my english isn't perfect, what do you mean?
  7. Drone.io aka drone, our build server where you download the traincart jar.
  8. oh, that make sense now :) however i was using the TrainCarts-1.73.1-SNAPSHOT.jar, which seem to already be the last version, and i don't see a parseOldSigns in the plugins/Train_Carts/config.yml
  9. Update it, we dont change version number often so it is possible to have an old build
  10. i just downloaded it again, the one that say from 5hours ago (don't see any newer than that) and deleted the old config to let it regen, still no parseoldsigns

    i'm not in an hurry anyway, bkcommonlib is messing up my netherportals so i don't plan on using them on my real server yet
  11. I was able to enable to parseOldSigns. It isn't in the config so to enable it you have to manually add

    parseOldSigns: true
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  12. Are you using the latest bkcommonlib?
  13. I'm using version 1.63

    [15:13:36 INFO]: [BKCommonLib] Loading BKCommonLib v1.63-SNAPSHOT

    I've downloaded the latest version from here
  14. Just download the latest version again, a lot of updates happen everyday.
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  15. Should I use the drone server instead?
  16. Yes
  17. Thank you, the signs now work

    The downloads for BKCommonlib on the drone server can be found here for anyone else reading this.
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  18. You are welcome!
  19. Thank you so much for reviving this plugin, t'was one of the main reasons I played and actually stopped for awhile when it was gone. Lol

    The only thing so far that I've found is that you seem to be 2.5 blocks tall when riding in the cart. When going through 2 tall spots, it will take lifepoints from you for hitting the top. This wasn't like this prior to using the plugin.

    I understand it's in its early stages, but I thought I'd throw that out there. :)
    Thanks again!