Traincarts 1.9

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  1. Hello Spigot members,

    i'm searching for traincarts 1.9.


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  2. I believe @mg_1999 is working on this already
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  3. yes i know but it takes to long for me, i want to open my park soon
  4. I am, and bugging me about an update won't get me working faster. So please just wait and be patient.
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  5. but how could other theme parks have already traincarts 1.9
    some people hired devs and some did it self
  6. When you need a Plugin that fast, why aren't you trying to make one on your own? .. Devs aren't robots that make everything in no time, that needs a lot of testing & bug fixes before a final release can be published
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  7. Because i'm not a developer ;)
  8. Well, be considerate to those who are. It's a lot of work maintaining complex projects like BKCommonLib and TrainCarts. @mg_1999 didn't have to help resurrect the project after bergerkiller abandoned it, he chose to; and he, like many other devs on this site, devotes his free time to maintaining it. Cut him some slack and be happy it's being updated at all haha. :p
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  9. ok thats not the Problem but you need to know that projects can take a long time and its almost not possible to get what someone want in only some minutes, thats why many people only publish their projects for some money because it took a long time to realize and create cool stuff ;)
  10. Lets just appreciate that the 1.9 version of TrainCarts is under development!