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Minecarts redefined

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    TrainCarts - Minecarts redefined

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  2. Looks pretty cool. I think it would be easier to use if you also added controllable functionality to the furnace cart.
  3. thanks a lot to update it =)
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  4. Aced it! Thanks so much!
    I only feel bad for SamB440, who apparently tried to update it himself: I hope not to much of his work has gone in vain.
  5. I did have to specify an offset other than 0 for it to work, but with the latest v2 dev build it appears fixed (now). I did fix block api in bkcommonlib, as it was broken in some ways. [​IMG]
  6. We just started using this on our server again, and while the block changer works, it seems to not allow color with the wool or carpets anymore. Is there something we're overlooking?
  7. Yeah Ive fixed that in the v2 release which is on github only still at the moment.
  8. @CptHardy did you make sure to also install the v1.11.2 version of TrainCarts? You should check the log for any strange warnings or errors, and also make sure the plugin is there at all. Sometimes people forget to remove an earlier version of the jar file, because it has a different jar file name. Then that one can get loaded instead of the new version. So also check that your plugins folder is 100% set up right.
  9. Great plugin! Thanks for updating it to 1.11.2.
    One question did you ever get around to making the jump sign work?

    The boys like to make rollercoasters that jump all over the place.
  10. I'm having an issue where trains will suddenly bounce back after leaving the station. Here's what happened:
    1. The train was going forward (I will call this direction "right" from now) until it reached a station sign which pointed it to launch to the left (in other words reverse the direction)
    2. The train successfully left the station going left until it reached another station pointing in the same direction (in this case left).
    3. The train will accelerate away from the station sign (towards left) for around 100 blocks and then suddenly halt, then accelerate in the other direction within a second.
    If you need more information please say so, I'll try to provide as much information as I can.

    P.S. I was using this plugin since 2015. It's great to see it finally being updated to 1.11 :)
  11. Hello please add support for 1.10.2 a need this plugin on server.
  12. I set the keep chunks loaded but not sure if it is working right. I have a VERY long track and sit at one end waiting what seems forever for the train to arrive and not sure if I need to go near it for it to move or not
  13. You can use /train info to see if its actually still moving by checking the location, and by checking the loaded state. If its not moving, that will tell you definitively
  14. For some reason this plugin creates a ton of serverlagg when I try to use it. Please (help me) fix it.
  15. @00de I cant help you unless you profile the lag somehow, or manage to isolate the why. Id start with looking at the log to see if anything spammy is going on there.
  16. Was this plugin ever updated to 1.10 before it was updated to 1.11?
  17. Nope, but backport support is being worked on.
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  18. I was wondering if it would it be hard to add a feature for the blockchanger so we could alter the scale size of the object in it to be the normal size. I was adding a models to minecarts, but im having problems with the scale. also im not sure but i believe on certian turns, the minecart may flip the model backwords but im pritty sure we cant fix that.
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