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  1. Stations now seem to sometimes be ignoring the direction their told to go.
  2. Can you show an example setup of this? I assume there is a station sign with a launcher sign covering the same area, interfering slightly. It instantly applies the launch action then, and the launch direction may be causing trouble.
  3. Nevermind it seems to of fixed itself after updating everything. Do I get a cookie after all these bug reports? (Or maybe a server listing on the front page? (ImagineMC.ranni.ca))
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  4. It definitely would be a good idea to credit people reporting bugs. It would incentivize more people to report bugs helping me in the end. For sure, we are helped a lot by (timely) feedback. If it wasn't for the feedback I wouldn't have known crafting and launching was this much broken :)

    I don't think listing servers is a good idea though, because that will just cause people to abuse the system to get their name up in lights. Linking names should be fine, people can choose to put server information on their profile page or perhaps put a hint in their avatar. (I do want to show avatar with the name)

    I'll have to think of a clean format for this at the bottom of the resource pages.


    Page editor on spigot forums really lack features for this. I can't even put spoilers horizontally, and tables arent supported. meh
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  5. Not sure if this is a bug or my imagination, but carts seems to be ignoring max speed on ladders.
  6. Hi there,
    i recently installed TrainCarts on my spigot server (running version 1.12 and latest snapshot of traincarts).
    Currently I'm trying to set up a train station with automatic path finding. The path finding seems to work for single rails, but I'd like to have two rails (one for each direction). So in the picture you can see my test setup so far.
    The rails would continue to the left too, I just made that turn for testing purposes so the cart won't drive away.
    What I want: You place the cart on station_01 and want to drive to station_02 you just enter that destination with a command and then hit a button (not shown here but it's there) to launch the cart. That works. At the switcher sign the cart is directed on the right rail which then makes a turn (located under the under rails), then comes up again und drives to station_02. But what happens next is freaking me out.. Due to the rail design the minecart ofc drives further and then it again comes to station_01. But the next time it arrives at the switcher sign the rails direct the cart on the left which causes the cart to crash into the wall.
    The same happens when you set station_01 as destination. First time the cart is directed onto the turn, second time the cart will crash into the wall.

    Why I'm doing this is that I want to have a system where you don't need a train for each direction. I'd like to have one cart with which you can travel on every rail in every direction. So I need a way to reliably switch the directions (that's what the turn is for).

    I hope my problem is clear and someone here can help :D

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  7. Stations and switchers both had a couple bugfixes compared to the release. I would first recommend trying out the development builds to make sure the issue isn't already fixed. For sure, one (of many) bug related to stations was that the minecart direction was not correctly updated when launched from one station to another.

  8. Okay so I updated to the latest snapshots and got it working.. kind of.

    Meanwhile I "downgraded" to a single rail system to get the system running once. But since I want to go back on a two rail system soon for aesthetic reasons I wanted to ask if there are working examples for some elements like X-crossings or stations for two rail systems? There are quite some YT-Videos but they don't really show the sign setup (which is what I am struggling with)?
    Also I was wondering how I get the minecarts to travel infinitely long? In the description it says "infinite minecart speeds" but I don't know how I achieve that rather than just placing a huge amount of powered rails.
  9. You can use pressure plates to act as an X-crossing. To speed up minecarts faster than what is normal, set the max speed property with:

    /train maxspeed <number>

    or with property signs:


    By default its limited to 5.0 blocks/tick (insanely fast already!), you can change that limit in the config.yml.

    Related propertly is 'slowdown' which can be set to false/true to disable slowdown over time.

    Also good news: I got TC working fully on MC 1.10.2 and MC 1.8.8. May release a new version today if things continue looking this good.
  10. I already knew the thing with the pressure plates. But I think I read you can only go straight over them?
    But for a two-rail system I would have to be able to make turns "on" such X-crossing.
    I hope this makes clear what I mean (the dots are there as whitespaces). Image a train coming from the right (it would drive on the rail on the top) it would have to be able to make a turn in top direction, as well as in the bottom direction (or going straight through ofc).
    And for a station I'm imagining something like this:


    So here the train needs to be able to either just switch the lanes (from the middle one to the station) or cross the complete middle lane. And after stopping it also has to be able to drive in each direction, no matter where he came from.

    And thanks for the hint with "slowdown", will try it tonight! :)
  11. In that case your best bet is one or more switcher signs. They can be put underneath as a stack, and you can use direction-sensitive checks to switch in certain ways. It will depend based on what conditions you want to switch, though. Basic format, though outdated, is here:


    Relevant is that on the first line you can put :left or :forward or :f to denote what direction 'triggers' the sign. This applies to all signs, also the switcher.
  12. Yes I already tried it with Switcher signs. Didn't really work though. But I will try it again with the direction-sensitive checks, didn't knew that.
    Probably I will need some blocker signs too?
    In case I don't get it working I will try to post some screenshot where you can see the sign setup.
  13. feel free to post some screenshots, it gives a better idea of what you're trying to achieve. I can give some pointers + verify here that it works as well.
  14. So in the end I got it working.
    The hint with the directions did the trick, thanks a lot! I also added one or two blocker signs.
  15. Sorry to bother you again, but it seems like I still need some help.
    I added two screenshots.
    On the first one you can see my train station (it's actually nearly the same as before). On the second you can see the station from a different angle, here a single rail splits up into two.
    The problem I am having seems to be around the path finding and my wish to have every train travel on the right rail, just like cars on a street. So my testing case is the following:
    A train is coming from the single rail and has station_01 set as destination. What it does right now is getting directed onto the left rail, which ofc is the shorter way. Then it gets stopped by the blocker sign.
    What I actually intended was that the train would be directed to the right trail, drives over station_02, then makes the turn and finally arrives at station_01. When I set station_02 as destination it works.
    I also have a partial workaround, that when you have set station_02 as destination it automatically is overwritten by station_01 upon arrival at station_02. But this is not applicable at a larger scale, because I don't want to have two destinations for a single station. So I'd like to have just "station" as a destination instead of two "sub"-destinations.

    tl;dr: is there a way to tell the path-finding system to really block certain directions for a whole rail or at least tell it that the shortest way is not always the desired one?

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  16. @krazztrerk
    A couple things...
    • I assume you did but just in case, stations alone are not a destination, so you need to have a [train] destination sign with the right tag name underneath it.
    • When you make changes to the track, such as changing the blocker sign, make sure to destroy the track piece on top of the switcher sign and then place it down again. This guarantees that the pathfinding is updated. It does not check for potential pathfinding paths being broken when you place a sign or track everywhere, that would destroy performance
    • Make sure you use [+train] blocker (or [+train:right] blocker) indicating it is always powered. Not doing so and the pathfinding system will assume you have redstone hooked up to it, and ignore the blocker sign for pathfinding rules.
    I managed to get your basic test setup to work following those guidelines. However, there appears to be a nasty bug with the switcher sign itself switching in strange ways. I will need to fix that and will put an updated CI download link in this post.



    Sidenote: these builds support spigot/minecraft versions 1.8.8, 1.9, 1.10.2, 1.11.2 and 1.12
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  17. TeamBergerhealer updated TrainCarts with a new update entry:

    BKCommonLib compatibility update. Adds support for Minecraft 1.8.8 - 1.12. Bugfixes!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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