Spigot TrainCarts 1.14.4-v1

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  1. T is een vrij grote server
  2. Im not looking for any test servers at the moment, since I test locally and already have contact with some servers that run plugins like TrainCarts. If people have feedback, they can always reach me on here :)
  3. Hello, i'm using this great plugin, but i have couple of questions.
    1. tried different values for collision in default train properties file - mine carts still stops, if a player is standing on rails. What i need to set, to ignore players?
    2. enabled chunk loading. When train is moving without player it starts slowing down and then stops. when i'm riding a train, no slowing down. do i need to power rails?
  4. @Yarius
    1.) There is a collision mode for various categories of entities. With commands, you use /train collision player cancel to cancel collisions. push works too, then the player is pushed aside as well. In the yml you would do this:
    Code (Text):
        players: CANCEL


        players: PUSH
    2.) Keeping chunks loaded is having some issues on Spigot it seems, because Spigot alters how entities are ticked and physics are performed in areas without players nearby for "performance" reasons. If you mean literal slowing down, it is possible to completely turn off slowdown with /train slowdown false
  5. @TeamBergerhealer
    thank you for your answer. another problem happened: train spawns, then stops on the station and go back. it does not depend on which direction is chosen (left,right,continue,reverse), it reverses every time. Any idea for causes?
    #106 Yarius, Jul 3, 2017
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  6. just some short feedback: finally got it working completely! my blocker signs were wrong and I had to refresh the routes sometimes (/train reroute worked just like placing the rails again)
  7. Is this on the latest version of TrainCarts and BKCommonLib? Because that sort of stuff should have been fixed by now. A way around it is to put the spawner further away from the station so it does not spawn the train partially on top of the station.

    Good to hear! I'm sure the new gui-based direction configuration thing will make all this a whole less painful. I might decide to include some sort of pathfinding view on a map too, could be nice for debugging things like this.
  8. Updated to the latest dev builds - the same. station is ~150 blocks from spawner.
  9. That is quite weird, and it should not be happening. It seems that bug rears its ugly head every other week...

    Just in case, you tried the following format?
    Code (Text):
    Assuming the train is coming from the right. If this also bugs out and launches to the right then there is no doubt something in the launch logic is bugged still.
  10. Okay, I'll try this syntax today. What does "+" change? Btw, I can show you the problem, on my server - it's hosted.
  11. @Yarius
    The characters between [ and train/cart denote the "powering mode". ! is invert power, + is always powered (and ignore redstone power), / is redstone power from low to high, \ is redstone power from high to low. /\ will trigger whenever the redstone state changes.

    + (or alternatively, !) should be a default when building signs you don't intend to power with redstone yourself.
  12. Helped, thank tou very much.
  13. Hello, can i spawn fixed number of trains with given interval? because i have ring railway and there will be too much trains. of course i can use destroyer, but is this the only way?
  14. @Yarius
    Yes, you can use this sign to spawn a train every 5 minutes, for example:
    Code (Text):
    spawn 5:00
  15. i mean i need 10 trains, with spawning interval 0:15. without destroyer, in 30 minutes there will be 120 trains on railway:)
  16. Hello, this is a great plugin but I encountered some problems when I am using it.
    When I re-open the server, the spawner signs stopped working, but I'm using [+train] in the signs so that they are always powered.
    Also, all existing trains stopped moving.

    When the server is opening, it shows some warning that [some carts of group "xxxxxx" are missing! (externally edited?)]
    Is this related to the problems above?
    Thanks for your help.
  17. @IvanS1069
    Ive created two issue tickets for you, since I think these bugs are valid. For they not be forgotten:

    The closest I can think of is perhaps the detector sign covering the full ring, and then a traincount property check. But I don't think that exists at this time... I think your best bet is to set it up in such a way that you power the spawner sign until a detector rail is hit to mark a stop of spawning.
  18. i'm using [train] spawners, not [+train], and fortunately, no such problem. after restarting everything moving and spawning.

    Thank you for the advice, i'll try it.
  19. I have made some changes to TrainCarts that will hopefully fully resolve the following problems:
    • "Wrong location of[]" resulting in Minecarts in trains going 'missing' on server restart
    • Detector regions or spawn signs not persistent. I've implemented a 30-second autosave to save metadata changes for detector regions, spawner signs, pathfinding and more.
    • Detector regions no longer activating. I've made it automatically re-create the detector region when a train goes over the sign and none exists.