Spigot Trampolines! [Skript] 1.3

Trampolines for parkour, fun or minigames!

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    Trampolines! [Skript] - Trampolines for parkour, fun or minigames!

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  2. Download doesn't work...
  3. How much does this plugin cost? $$$ ?
  4. Its Free!
  5. I feel like i need to buy such a deluxe plugin <3
  6. No need! I am happy to give this for free! I also just uploaded a new plugin, its of the Timber Mod! In vanilla!
  7. We need a config for example sponge only :3
  8. Hahaha, and sorry I forgot to list the permissions, but now I did!
  9. Camden, I will look into your suggestion and most likely add it!
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