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  1. Hello, I bought 4 servers from a host, one is bungee, one is the hub, one is the KitPvP server, and one is the Factions server. The Factions server was taking a long time and I wanted to rush but figured not to cause if I rush with just some low features and boring plugins, people would just leave the server. So I wanted to spend a good amount of time on the Factions server, but didn't feel like paying again and again, month by month (cause it might take me a good amount of time, prolly like 3 months). So I decided I should work on it on my HOME/COMPUTER HOSTED SERVER instead. But I need help transferring the FILES to my HOME server, or computer server. My server is 1.8.8, and in I can only find 1.9 files to make a server and I'm just really having trouble trying to figure out how to set it on 1.8.8 and put my files from my host there, and then run it or start it like I am on my host again.

    Can someone provide me with a step by step guide?! :3
  2. Hello,

    If you plan on home hosting, you should have a decent PC even just for setup. I since I don't I just use a dedicated server/vps for setup, so I am not super familiar for home hosting. I could walk you through setting up a Spigot Server on a ubuntu server nextwork form OVH, the VPS cost around $14, for 8gb of ram.

    But if you want to continue home hosting here is what I see your doing wrong. You are install a mine-craft server form is not where you get spigot, you would not be able to run plugins if you installed your server from their :p You need to install spigot.jar from

    You will need to run the jar in it own folder, don't make that mistake lol, you can follow a tutorial for running the jar and creating a start bat. It showed create all the files for plugins, worlds, etc. After setting it up it almost the same as a mc-hosting company,

    Here is a good tutorial by TheLordVakar:

    and here is a written tutorial:

    I hoped I could help even though I have never home hosted, just set up on vps server (they are kinda the same thing) Bye! Wish you luck :)
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  3. He didn't say to ask how to setup spigot -_-

    He asked if anyone could help him transfer files for him. Read OPS post.
  4. He clearly has a problem with finding 1.8.8 files, that has nothing to do with transferring files... Also if he wants to transfer files he can do it the same way he uploaded the files in the first place or ask his hosting provider...
  5. Thank you very much.