transform onlinemode-server // UUID problem

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Help' started by locotay, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. hey there Guys! :)

    I've looked through a lot of threads in this and other forums and found a few things I've already tried but nothing really fixed my problem.

    Currently we're splitting our server into two parts on two sperate servers wich should be connected by bungeecord. Everything is working flawlessly except for plugins working with the UUIDs.
    Factions for example – reconfiguration everything to the new worlds and everything is working fine. Homes and the Factions themselves are pretty well done. But the users aren't assigned to them because they're saved by UUIDs and they aren't passed through – i guess.
    I've enabled the IPforwarding in the bungeeconfig and the documentation said, that this should forward the UUIDs but it is not working. Even with this option every known player is handled ad a complete new player when they join via the proxy.

    Does anyone here have an idea how to fix that?
  2. Add me on skype at Its.Vizion if you have a mic and is from the USA.
  3. Hey there again. I already have your skype and we've talked to each other the other day. But I'm not from the US. :(
  4. Okay we can talk here.