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  1. I'm a complete fool, I'm sure. I know that there are a lot of similar topics, but I can't find the information that could help me... I am Ukrainian, and I do not know much English, but the best documentation for anything I can get only on foreign portals... Hope for your understanding

    Hi, everybody. I'm trying to figure out how I can edit phrases in plugins. Just edit the phrases without changing the authorship, of course. For example, WorldGuard, I want to change the popular output phrase "Hey! Sorry, but you can't break this block here." I opened the jar file as an archive, got the files from there. I open the files themselves via intelliJ IDEA. And the search doesn't show me anything, I can't find this offer... (screenshots as an example of what and how it looks)
    upload_2020-1-15_2-1-13.png upload_2020-1-15_1-57-11.png upload_2020-1-15_1-58-54.png
    Where and how are similar phrases in this or other plugins?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Well, looking at the source code on Github, and the default config, it's evident that you can change the deny message in the config, so try that? :)
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  3. Most likely though, it's probably in the listeners category if you really want to change it.
    But this way, you can remove the message completely so it doesn't say anything.
    /rg flag (region) deny-message -e
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  4. But still, if this is a default phrase, it should be embedded somewhere in the code. It does not appear from nothing in the configuration file from nothing:rolleyes: