Spigot Transport-Pipes 5.0.0

This plugin adds Transport-Pipes to Minecraft

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    Transport-Pipes - This plugin adds transport-pipes (like in buildcraft) to minecraft

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  2. Bit of a bug, if the chunks are unloaded, where the pipes are, when you go back to break them the texture of the pipes stay there
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  3. How do I remove the floating textures of pipes that were already removed? I've tried killing armour stands with no success.
  4. Also, newest update drops servers tps to a constant 10 tps
  5. Are you sure? I've been testing a lot and it's all working fine
    Please check your other plugins, maybe there is something that drops the tps

    Also you can remove ALL pipes with /resetall if there is a bug
  6. I'm positive, after removing TransportPipes the tps shot back up to 20, /resetall just reloads my server, doesn't remove anything
  7. Ok, I will look after it but unfortunately this can take a while.
    Meanwhile you can try to delete the Transport-Pipes config and type /resetall again. I can't do much more yet :/
  8. You can look at my Furniturelib to send Armorstands over Protocollib this clean the server tps.
  9. Yeah, I anyway have to write the hole plugin again.
    Thanks :D
  10. Hey,

    Love the plugin, would suggest though a 'One way' Pipe, as i've tried to do some sorting systems, but they keep retracting back and forth, and after a while with so many entities it just lags out a bit.

    So please could you create a one way pipe so the items can go through but not come back,
    Also maybe some trap chest friendly pipes? (pipes that are pipes and don't respond to redstone)

    Thank you! awesome Plugin btw!
  11. The Plugin dont load in the newest Spigot
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  12. Hi cant seem to get the plugin working is it compatible with 1.9.4?
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  13. Can you please add support for 1.8.x?
  14. Very nice video! Really thank you :)
  15. I'm sorry but in Minecraft 1.8 all pipes would be on fire. I already tried this really long.