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  1. PawPawDude


    Hi, nice chat plugin, based on description. Could you kindly post screenshots of the "image" function output? Thx.
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  2. Arasple updated TrChat | 1.8-1.15 with a new update entry:

    Update | 1.7 R2 —— Command Controller

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  3. It`s possible to add permission per json format or only per format.
  4. Both are possible
    Code (YAML):
     # Requirement to use this format, for example: 'player.isOp()'
      - [B]requirement[/B]
    : null

        # Message part
         # Default chat color
          # (when the player doesn't have any permission of trchat.color.force-defaultcolor.<CODE>)
    : '7'
    : '&7Date: %server_time_h:mm:ss a%'

        # Custom Json Format Parts (Before Message Part)
    : '&8[&3%player_world%&8]'
    : |-
              &8▪ &7Location
    : &3%player_world%&7, &2%player_x%/%player_y%/%player_z%
              &6▶ &eClick here to send a teleport request
    : '/tpa %player_name%'
            # (Optional) Requirement to display this JSON part for the player
    : null
  5. - requirement: player.permission(mypermission.rankvip) Like that?
    i`m kind of lost on this part.
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  6. Can I support or use DiscordSRV plugin?
  7. Open FORCE-GLOBAL: true
    EssentialsX commands Will show
    To solve
    #9 botany111, Feb 18, 2020
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  8. DiscordSRV RespectChatPlugins is false
  9. Hello there.Please look at this post.This is as same as your problem and it's solved already.↓
  10. Does this support per-group private messaging format?

    For example, I message the Owner group (To: &c%player_name%) %message%
    And then, I message the Helper group (To: &a%player_name) %message%

    The name colors of both groups differ, so if I message someone from the Owner group, the name color would be red in the message. Then if I message the Helper group, the name color would be green in the message. Is this possible? If not, this would be a really cool & neat feature to add in my opinion.
  11. It's an awsome plugin,bt i can't use sign to notice sth when i add trchat on my server.is it a bug?
  12. upload_2021-4-30_21-25-47.png
    When displaying the items in the chat box, an error is reported in the background

    How do you fix this?

  13. 物品包含了原版方法无法识别的NBT Tag
  14. At function is a small bug that author will not fix(for some reason),we are so sorry about that
    Please add an at plugin such as DeeluxeMention
  15. 这个问题要如何解决 我用了 GoldenEnchants 更多附魔插件
  16. 那就是更多附魔插件 因为那个插件使用了额外的nbt 而这些nbt在原版没有 所以
  17. 所以没有解决方案对吧....
  18. upload_2021-5-6_18-59-14.png

    The GoldenEnchants plugin authors say the bug was created by the Chat plugin and needs to be fixed