Spigot TreasureChest - Hunting - Unique Treasure Plugin - Player Competitive - Chest Tier/Type 2.4.2

Find treasure and hunt'em down, An Adventure experince - Customization

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    TreasureChest - Hunting - Find treasure and hunt'em down perfect for Survival servers

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  2. Thanks, i am currently working on it sir :)
  3. Any chance of there being permissions for different tiers of chests? I know people might find this stupid but I have my reasons, and it's also something to work on. :) I'll also be using your other plugin, they're both really neat. :D
  4. I would look onto it but for now i can't gurantee anything, since tier system haven't been added, problably in the version 2.0 or sooner
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    Competitive update!

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  6. 0 Bugs!
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  7. I don't think so :D
  8. I just got another idea, I know you said you wouldn't use the point system but would there be any way to tap into the point system from your other plugin and have chests spawn, that need those points to be opened? Sorry, I just thought that this would encourage players to use both plugins more. :) Also loving the new updates, used to use a old similar plugin but it never got any new features so I'm really happy someone made something similar and is adding new features. :D

    One last thing, since you might not want the plugin to depend on your other, it could maybe be a toggle-able feature such as a true of false?
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  9. So you want to integrate with my upcoming feature on FunReferral - FunCurrency Xd
    Currently, i am thinking of making FunCurrency a standalone api so se can integrate with it in the most simple way as possible, else in the next version of FunReferral, FunCurrency would be added (1.3.0)
    And version 1.5.0 of TreasureChest I would add integration with fun currency by adding a new type of reward
    Again cannot gurantee anything but i would try my best
    Thanks for your suggestion, glad you love my plugins
  10. Oh I see, but will this be a completely separate currency base from others? And no problem, just love seeing revamped plugins getting the love and attention they need, not that you took the code and re-uploaded but more of your own idea and I like what you have done so far with it. I can't wait to see what else can be done in the future. :D
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  11. Thanks, I would try my best :D :D
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  12. I will look onto it ASAP, thks
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    Update Bug Fixing

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  14. The plugin should work flawlessly with the new version, thanks for your report
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  15. Yet another suggestion... :D (Or a few...)
    1.Would there be any chance in adding particles around the chest before and or after opening the chest?
    2.Any chance in adding different broadcasted messages along with the tier things?
    3.Maybe adding interaction with this plugin; https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/compassance-actionbar-renovated-1-8-1-9.22607/ (People have to have different perms to see the icons on here for the different tiers?)
    4.Finally, all of these having perms? XD
    Sorry for so many suggestions, but hey it'll keep you busy. :D
  16. I forgot to mention that the messages only broadcast when the player opens the chest, but this could be good since you could have the co-ords of the chest paste in the chat?
  17. 1.Let's try, since i don't have any skill in particles XD
    3.No, let's wait for the tier update to finish
    4.Wow, ok then
    That's fine, this is my favorite hobby