Spigot TreasureChest-Reloaded 8.5-R

Plugin made by Mtihc, just porting it to the new bukkit versions

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    TreasureChest-Reloaded - Plugin made by Mtihc, just porting it to the new bukkit versions (Cause the old version lagging)

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  2. This is like... having ChestRegen and all of the MysteryChest plugins... COMBINED :D

    Thank you for your time spent on this, @WolfezzBlazer !
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    OMFG!!!! Im In Your Debt! Link Me To The Donate Button. Do It Now!!!
    :) Well do it when you have time.
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    Didn't try your 1.8 update, but 8.4.5
    You cannot change the default notification message when opening a treasure the first time or the times after that.

    You can set treasure specific nottifications, but changing the default ones in the config.yml to something different does not work.

    You can change them through, but there still the default ones.

    (It's working in the original Bukkit release, latest version)
  5. I'll test it and will fix it, thanks
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  7. Thanks, give me the results please :)

    Edit: Tested it and it works just fine^^
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  8. Thank you for porting, I love this plugin. But It seems to be broken. Everytime I make a treasure it seems to forget what was in it within seconds/mins and sometimes it will remember. It seems to be completly random. I am using Spigot 1.7.10 and used a few different versions of Treasure Chest and they all seem to have the same problem. Any suggestions of what I am doing wrong...
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  9. Tried with 1.8?
  10. Oh is this only 1.8 and up? I was having problems with 1.8 so i gave up on it and downgraded to 1.7.10. But I am sure they have made 10 more builds since then so ill try upgrading. Ill let you know how it goes. Btw is there a specific 1.7.10 version?
  11. Protocolhack or 1.7.10 build?
  12. I was using 1.7.10 build. But I have now upgraded to Spigot 1.8. Which seems like it solved some problems. Chests seems to be saving now (so far atleast) but now I don't get a message when opening a Tchest. And only op players can open the chest. Non op players don't get a message when trying to open, it just doesn't open. I do have the permissions:
    • treasurechest.access
    • treasurechest.count
    • treasurechest.count.others
    • treasurechest.list
    • treasurechest.player
    All set to true. I don't seem to be getting any errors or anything. Thanks for the quick replies and help.
  13. And i guess it's not saving items again D: . Seems ill have to wait for a later build of it. But keep up the good work, ill be checking this page constantly for a new builds.
  14. Well, I check this and will fix it, if I found the bug :)