Spigot TreasureChest-Reloaded 8.5-R

Plugin made by Mtihc, just porting it to the new bukkit versions

  1. I guess there is no plan on fixing my issue?
  2. Spigot server on 1.13
  3. is their a block (slab, stair, etc ) above the chest? if so break block and open chest
  4. I found this on GitHub it was made to not be able to open when a block is placed above. It also shows the code in the source if you want to remove it.

  5. I ran his version on 1.12.2 and it didn't have this issue
  6. no, of course not. even if there were, restarting shouldnt be the thing that stops them from working
  7. guess English is not your first language, I will fix the plugin on my own when I find time after I finish the plugin I'm working on
  8. Does anyone know how to set the perms for users to open the chests in 1.13.2? I've tried the perms listed by the dev but none of them actually work
  9. I use treasurechest.access.treasure
  10. I figured out the problem, WorldGuard flags werent in place on my end, and the chests were inside the spawn protection area
  11. How do I setup ranks in the config file? How is the syntax?
  12. Ranks are broken.
  13. So I guess im suppose to know the players UUID since /tchest count <player> keeps telling me Invalid UUID format "player'sname"

    I know the name is 100% correct since it auto fills. but it doesnt make sense to have the command require the players UUID when the player is on. also the plugin stores players by name rather than UUID. which isnt the best way but not worried about that since I have daily resets anyways as well players changing names wouldnt effect to much other than they change their name right after and get another treasure. but since the change time frame is so constrict with a cooldown it shouldnt be much of an issue anyways... Which brings me to a request. Any way to add a /tchest forget-all-chests <world/or/category?> so it can forget all chests in a world or say category??? Be great.
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  14. Gone-Incognito

    Gone-Incognito Previously MrAnonymous

    Do you have a placeholder for the command chests?
  15. Any idea if this will be updated to support 1.15.x?
  16. It seems to work in 1.15 for the most part, using it on 1.15.2 and there are a couple... quirks, but it gets the job done.
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  17. Unable to set up treasure chest and collect items while treasure chest is in water
  18. Gone-Incognito

    Gone-Incognito Previously MrAnonymous

    If you are getting this message "You're not looking at a container block.", I managed to get it to work by removing the water around the chest than refilling it with this worldedit command //fixwater. Also if you have trouble removing the water, don't forget about sponges, hope that helps.
  19. I want to make a treasure chest sinking under the sea, thank you for your suggestion
  20. I have a problem, when i create treasure chest (furnaces, Shulker boxes,... (not chests)) I can't take items out of them, I can press Q at them and throw them out, but cannot just take them normally into my inventory. If someone knows where's the problem, I would be very happy, ty all! :)
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