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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Ewans_XD, Dec 15, 2020.

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  1. GC.


    It's Ome_R explaining what he thinks is the cause, I've stated what I was told by PayPal.
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  2. Agreed... we need a change asap
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  3. I've only seen this happen once where it was an accident and the resource staff got trigger and banned the developer before checking what happened, either way this does not create a solution to the problem and you are just passing blame onto the developers that grow your site.
    I would like to refer to this list of very large servers that have used the some of the plugin from the developers I would consider reputable,

    Also, the developers you have listed do not open source their plugins.
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  4. It is one of the points as OP wanted to go into this. If it wasn't mentioned, there would've been nothing to quote.

    That being said, I disagree with the entire InactiveResource idea and implementation to begin with, and including any other statements that can be summarised with "premium plugins bad".

    Just want to make sure this thread doesn't again go into this Paypal banned discussion because that didn't go anywhere every time it was discussed.
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  5. I agree, this is total BS. Spigot needs a change not just for the payments but as a whole.
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  6. I don’t get why spigot is so stubborn with updating the marketplace. It’s just limiting its own growth.
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  7. I agree with that. This discussion is not about Paypal, but about Spigot itself.
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  8. Seems like this thread is going to be closed/deleted if people just use it to argue...
  9. To add I was banned from Paypal last month with no response from them in business as well as my personal accounts, it is now impossible for me to pay for plugins on spigot.

    I support you because I myself am a victim.

    EDIT: I just say that I am ban to explain that I have no way to have an account to have plugins
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  10. 68B


    Agreed, SpigotMC is leaving itself vulnerable to other big websites, the fact of these bans which ive noticed too since I own over 120 premium plugins here, more and more developers becoming "Inactive Resource" which is basically putting some of the money down the drain for me personally. I dont know the entire "drama" on this post but I think spigot needs a change, Im not a big name but from what I can see it doesnt seem like its going to end well for both sides, developers and staff of SpigotMC.
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  11. I'd have to agree with the fact that Spigot treats some of its developers terribly. However, I will say it's probably best to keep the Paypal talk off Spigot directly, as there isn't really any use having it here.

    The concept behind "InactiveResources" is dumb to begin with, and should be abandoned. I understand you don't want older resources to clog up space or be mistaken for something else, however, using it as a way to punish and treat developers badly shouldn't be a thing.
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    I personally think its time for spigot to diversify and add more payment gateways which are easy to add, accessible to the mass. Does spigot take a cut from premium plugins or is it directly to the developers of the plugins?
  13. Agree 100% something needs to change
  14. Added a sidenote to the bottom of the thread, just to be very clear what this thread is about.
  15. I don't pretend to know everything about whats going on but i'm intelligent enough to see what's right in front of me.

    Fact 1: There are people on Spigot who whine about what they call expensive plugins.

    Fact 2: I've seen 2 Devs targeted unfairly accused of pricing their Plugins to high by the above aforementioned.

    Fact 3: I'm now seeing Devs punished by Spigot for whatever reason.

    I buy most if not all of my Plugins from Devs on Spigot, if i think a Plugin is worth a large investment then i'll pay whatever they ask me to pay but i expect a few added extras like, they provide Discord support and regular updates.

    Now I own some of the Plugins in question and the Devs are absolutely fantastic, all be it occasionally slow in acting upon an accepted request, but for the most part I am 100% happy.

    But if Spigot continue to alienate these awesome Devs then i'll happily take my custom and activity elsewhere to say their websites or McMarket etc.
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  16. There are no cuts. Spigot does not even "process the payment", they literally are not even a middleman. Money goes directly to the seller.
  17. From what I'm seeing, this could be resolved by

    1. Not associating with the devil incarnate

    2. Being very careful with your PayPal

    And even better, not depending on selling premium plugins at all because Spigot has never been meant for it and they don't have plans to be meant for it.
  18. The developers I mentioned are merely an example of developers that have been active for years with high selling plugins (some of those do have opensource plugins). The servers you've mentioned are irrelevant to the point.
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  19. Not if you ask the moderators why our resources were moved to the inactive resources:
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  20. 68B


    Even though people will hate me for saying this, but. Maybe its time they did, would mean they get something out of it, they can give developers more freedom to sell their plugins at, provide more gateways as it benefits both parties and overall re-vamp the site, provide more support and potentially be a middleman between developers and their customers. Honestly wouldnt be a bad idea, would also open up getting potential refunds on plugins that arent good/very misleading on the site.
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