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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Ewans_XD, Dec 15, 2020.

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  1. For one, I believe that Spigot moderators/admins should have notified the users who's plugins were taken before they were taking down about the whole website issues. @md_5 knew that some of their top sellers are unable to use PayPal due to the users being banned on PayPal for weeks now, so why hasn't SpigotMC starting implementing different/multiple payment methods for users selling their plugins on Spigot? If spigot would have taken proper and just precautions, I doubt that there would be any backlash to this issue but they decided to ban their users who have faced this issue without any warning.

    Also, I believe that these users should have had a warning instead of their resources taken down. If the users were issued a warning about this issue instead of being instantly banned/taken down then they wouldn't have to complain. Spigot took down these resources with no warning or hint whatsoever and as far as I can tell they didn't even try to come in contact with these developers.

    Finally, This should have not happened at all and is outrageous how the Spigot staff handled this issue that not one or two but a multitude of plugin developers are facing.
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  2. I think that's the problem, the old paypal api simply uses an email address to make payments, if there are other means of payment you need API keys etc.
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  3. The last time I called paypal they asked me what a "plugin" is.

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  4. Needs to be added that this is not anything to do with the Devs, this is Spigot not wanting to be a Business. I know that a lot of Devs on Spigot would be more than happy to pay a cut if they were treated fairly, the fact Spigot takes no cut is solely Spigotmc's choice.
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  5. There should be more payment methods either way. There's developers who make a living from premium plugins, PayPal is a crappy company anyway that charges stupid high fees because they have high market share. Imagine living from making premium plugins and then finding out next day that your income is no more because PayPal decided to add a new rule overnight that caused your account to be banned the next day. Developers should have the freedom or selection of payment methods and if they do get banned by one of the payment methods due to new rules, they don't have to look for loop holes but just use another payment method.
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  6. You summarized the problem lol
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  7. So you are just going to casually sweep the accusations of the staff team making up new rules under the rag and pretend that never happened?

    If you are going to make a statment regarding one of the issues, make a statment to all of them. This looks bad.
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  8. There is no direct text written from paypal however they have told multiple users over the phone that they arent allowed to do it.
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  9. Agreed.
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  10. I agree with @Ewans_XD

    Spigot needs to do something about this, and more payment methods should be added by default lol
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  11. I agree, there needs to be changed.
  12. I am not fully qualified to comment on the previous statements about paypals being banned since like md_5 has stated there are possible other factors for them actually being banned, but I do agree that other payment platforms should be added for issues such as this, some developers may not be able to use paypal which would obviously deter them away from spigotmc, some may not want to use paypal as we have clearly seen paypal has some issues regarding to accounts being suspended, locked, stupid chargebacks, some weird fee's and so on.. but even just adding 1 or more extra payment methods would be amazing as a whole, not just for developers but itll also be more convenient for customers too.
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  13. Why would they move to their own platform if they already had lots of recognition on Spigot. That would just decrease sales. @Omer_R has even had to pay extra to get his site up and running. He wouldn't need to do this if PayPal didn't ban him for this reason, if was banned for another reason he could just create a new account dedicated to Spigot sales. And to make this worse they are now unable to sell and provide resources on Spigot. Omer is now quitting development all together now and is making his plugins open source because he cannot sell them anymore. I can say many more things right now but I don't have time. Fix this
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  14. The developers should have been notified that they were violating Spigot's terms of use and given a couple days to comply with them. If Spigot wanted the developers to continue to use Spigot to distribute their plugins, Spigot would work with the developers to keep their resources in compliance with the terms of use. Instead, they were quickly moved to Inactive Resources with not much explanation given. I just don't understand the reasoning behind Spigot's actions
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  15. What i am mostly confused about is why is Spigot making it so difficult for its developers to thrive on their marketplace? Half of their notable developers have already left and i assume more to come, it seems spigot is causing its own downfall, as developers have been forced to now make their own marketplace or move to a different one because spigot is not working with the developers to resolve the problem.

    Is this the end of SpigotMC?
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  16. will be soon
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  17. Andre_601


    Oh boy... What a time to do one of those posts here again... Let's go!

    P.S.: Yes I'm aware that other people most likely posted what I post here, but I still wanted to give my 2 cents to this anyway.

    Okay? And what should those stats tell us?

    For the record, I did hear about stuff regarding Ome_R, but all I saw was a post from him regarding recent changes of Spigot's rules, which I checked and they last got changed in march this year? Like the "claim" that there is now a rule prohibiting the selling of your resources on other platforms is essentially fake and non-existent.
    vk2gpz is for me - and probably many others - a gigantic joke in the dev community. He has 219 resources from which a majority are TokenEnchant add-ons (At least from last time I checked).

    Most of us assume that Songoda got banned from PayPal for many refunds being made which probably triggered an alarm on PayPal that something ain't right there and perhaps even fishy/scammy tactics she even continues to this day (Be a Patreon to have the right to download her plugins).
    She's also known for the fact of buying the "ownership" of plugins. A large amount wasn't made by her but taken over.

    On to the topic of PayPal (again): PayPal has never, and probably will never ban accounts for selling stuff related to Minecraft. If that was the case then Hypixel, HiveMc, OptiFine and others would've been banned already.
    PayPal did at many occasions confirm that they didn't ban MC-stuff from their services.
    The supposed "phone calls" are fabricated as there is no proof whatsoever that it was in fact a PayPal-Employee talking. Pretty much anyone here agrees on this fact except for the Fanboys.

    Large in what way?
    If you talk about downloads then there are many, MANY other plugins that have way larger numbers and way more traffic.
    If you talk about the amount of resources they released, then this is a very subjective number as a large number doesn't equal high quality plugins.
    I could poop out 30 plugins all doing one single task (i.e. running a command and returning a text) but it wouldn't make me a good developer.

    For the record once and for all: Spigot never tried to be a Marketplace. Yes they have rules and do stuff that suggests the oposite but I personally believe them, that they don't want to be one in the first place. At most do they want to provide a place where you can share your resources with others.
    And not to mention, Spigot earns ZERO Money from any premium resources. They offer the option with PayPal and that's it. They don't take any fee nor do they require you to pay a periodic price to keep the resource listed or something.

    So finally stop with the bullshit that Spigot owes the devs something. They owe shit to them. They provide a server software free of chare and a place to share resources free of charge and even give you an opportunity to make some bucks with it. At most would YOU (the dev) owe them something.

    Refer to my previous point. Spigot owes you nothing at all. Period.
    Also, other payment options could only give an opportunity for either the dev or the buyer to scam each other off. With PayPal there is at least the knowledge that you can claim refunds and have support available. The other ones? Not quite sure.
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  18. This guy has 2 of the best plugins of their kind in existence. It would Be a shame to see anything bad happen. Show Support for the commitment and to better minecraft by solving the issues at hand.
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  19. I dont understand how spigot can let this happen
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