Treating Developers Fairly - A Discussion

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Ewans_XD, Dec 15, 2020.

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  1. Keep it professional if you want to get a point across.
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  2. Andre_601


    I'm pretty sure the large majority of stuff that brings people here is still the Server software (or the buildtool for it) and bungeecord. Plugins follow AFTER you got spigot.
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  3. GC.


    Because the start of that conversation is not relevant. Did you see what he said after? The moderator made up rules for which my plugin was taken away, instead of backing up their claim, decided to just tell me politely to f-off. How's that for moderation?
  4. laugh it up Andre_601, share the link or turn your devices off.
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  5. Please either be respectful of the thread and people replying or don't respond, if you don't agree thats fine but the toxicity is unneccicary. Everyone can see from this thread that a new payment method would benefit so agree or disagree and move on.
  6. uh, spigot doesn't rely solely on the users that contribute to it. You're confused. The devs here rely solely on spigot and it's continued development and they show no respect to the spigot staff team.

    Now, that doesn't mean improvements can't be made on spigots end, but 99% of the posters this thread will get aren't making suggestions and have no clue what suggestions would or would not impact all 3 communities (spigot team, plugin devs, community).

    I'm for change. I'm not for the approach in this thread. I pay for plugins from devs that are impacted by this, but I can't support them if they can't make mature suggestions. Pretty dumb to demand respect and be unable to provide it.
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  7. You said that the conversation screenshot was incomplete, but then you gave the beginning of it which didn't add anything. GC asked the moderator why the resources were moved, he told him it's due to selling them "off-site". Then he asked him where in the rules it's stated it's not allowed, and he replied that Spigot processes the payments and we must use it's "payment processing", which is obviously not true.

    I really don't understand how your screenshot changed anything regarding this... Maybe I miss something?
  8. Andre_601


    I honestly wouldn't expect too much professionalism from people that create a petition for this here...
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  9. I've got my point across, Clx is the one who should vacate, they're clearly only here to clown around and troll, obviously one of the people i referred to in my first post, otherwise they wouldn't be making a mockery of this situation.
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  10. Andre_601


    I won't do either as I have the freedom to say what I think. If you think a tiny petition of will force md_5 to do changes here then Oh boy are you in for a ride.
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  11. New sources of payment should be available to developers who can post premium sources if PayPal is not agreeing to allow transactions for Minecraft Plugins. If developers can, they should be able to put their plugins on sale on a their own or a different site without repercussion if there is no rule against it. However, in order to keep Spigot as popular as it is, I think the best plan of action would be to add another payment method to the site.
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  12. If you think creating a petition with 11 signatures is going to make a forums with 1 million users do something, then you deserve to be mocked.
  13. Andre_601


    As much as I would like to just move on can I not stand people that think that signing an online petition - which has nowhere near the same impact as a physical petition - would bring a change to a forum that isn't even that well known outside of a specific community (That of the (modded) MC community)

    My post seems toxic, but I just bring a fact that doesn't really change anything unless the topic has already received broader publicity and perhaps even news coverage. But again: A digital petition can't just be turned into a real one to change anything.
  14. The Best Developers on Spigot are the people who are generating the most traffic and activity for SpigotMC, have profited massively from these Developers being around so they deserve a little more respect and deserve to be heard. They shouldn't have to put up with the cheapskates and trolls on here for a start and lets face it, every forum has them. You know who you are. I've also noticed that some of these Developers are having to put up with Copycat Devs popping up on SpigotMC with imitations of their plugins being distributed for free. premeditated and co-ordinated i believe because of a certain minority who have issue with paying more than they think they should, cheapskates..
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  15. Couldn't give a monkeys butt, mock away pal.
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  16. I have a live feed of MD_5 when he sees the petition:

    In all seriousness, you've been strange in your replies along with the others, should more payment methods be added? Probably. It's a matter of how easy they are for BOTH spigot and developers to use.
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  17. If you read the message directly above the link I acknowledged that.
  18. I don't think that's the point. OP may has linked the petition just to show the amount of people who are in favor of the discussion. But I also agree that has zero to non impact in reality.
  19. Fantastic little thread we got here, great place to comment if you want to boost your reactions.

    There's 2 outcomes to this thread:
    1. No change
    2. They spend time to add another payment method to please you and barely anyone will use it in the end because nearly all your customers will have PayPal unlike whatever odd payment method you're thinking of.

    Both end in nearly everyone using PayPal

    Outcome 1 is preferable as it wastes no time.

    Sadly enough for you guys, it'll be outcome 1 without spigot even thinking about it. Premium resources don't make them profit, or bring nearly as much traffic to their site compared to popular free resources.

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  20. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    This thread has run away (~70 posts in an hour, probably because it was linked somewhere and brigaded). The fact that many of the responses are just shitting on me without being productive in any way is also telling. I don't have time to respond right now, but what I do know from experience is that leaving this thread open will not be helpful.

    As much as I HATE bringing up money, because that is NOT what SpigotMC is about, I also have no idea why the expectation is that we are at the beck and call of premium developers who have made tens of thousands of dollars off the platform and contributed basically nothing in return. If the issue is so important to you, why not at least take the initiative yourself and implement+test it yourself like was done for the resource API ( But of course no, it's just easier to complain and complain and complain for your own personal gain rather than actually be part of the community.

    Not to mention there are good non-technical reasons for remaining with PayPal - just because some people got banned from it doesn't mean it's not the best option for the site.
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