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  1. Hello, fellow spigoteers!

    I'm looking for a tree assist like plugin. All the plugins that I have found like TreeAssist, ChopTree2 and TreeGravity cut down the entire tree at once. I'm looking for a plugin where when you cut down the lowest log of a tree the highest log gets cut down instead. This is to make it more easy to cut down trees without having to pillar up and prevent floating trees. I don't want the entire tree to be cut down at once as that would be too easy.

    Is there a plugin like this that is compatible with 1.13+ and if not how much effort would this involve to make?

    Best regards!
  2. Strahan


    He already tried TreeAssist. Ultimate Timber, while the best tree plugin IMO, will not do what he wants.

    OP, you're gonna most likely need a custom coded plugin.
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  3. Omg such a great idea!!!
  4. Oh true, I didn't read correctly.
    Anyways, I checked TreeGravity, and I found that it can do kind of what he wants. There's a method that can make the logs fall, but not break them instantly (as I understand the page) it's an Experimental method tho (check plugin page
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  5. I have already taken a look at those; they don't suite what I'm looking for.

    Do you have an idea on how complicated this would be to code? I believe the most difficult task would be to detect the different tree kinds like large trees that branch off.

    The idea comes from a modpack I played 8 years ago. I don't remember which one it was and even if I did it would be really hard to find. It was from the time when feed the beast didn't exist yet.
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  6. Might wanna take a look at this?