Spigot TreeGravi 0.6

Tired of floating treetops? Want the trees to fall down with a cool animation? Then this is for you!

  1. Some tree types are not working - investigating

    Edit: Forgot to include support for LOG_2, working on it
  2. It did not work, and no error how should I do?
  3. Awesome plugin! I would like to see a little better support for epicworldgenerator's crazy trees. It never gets all the logs.

  4. Can you make it 1.9+? Please?
  5. I think my comment got reported or something it isnt here, mhm.
  6. It's working for 1.8, 1.9 and 1.10 :)
  7. Could you message me on skype? I need some more info. Skype; Ritolika.Spigot
  8. Hi. Can u add support to ASkyblock plugin?
  9. I can make it custom for you, but it would cost you a little bit (not very much). You see this is nothing necessary as only a few people would be able to take advantage of the ASkyblock support thus why adding support feels unnecessary for 1/2 person(s). Add me on skype if you're still interested.
    Skype: Ritolika.Spigot
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  10. Found a bug, signed up for an account just to post it :p

    Dark oak: When cutting it down, the side branches will fall.
    But they cannot be cut.
    Must cut trunk before the side branches.
    Then it will work.
  11. I noticed that the algorithm for determining thickness and then letting the players cut is kind of rushed. I'll improve when I get home. Thanks for improving the plugin via bug reporting
  12. Working on larger update ~
  13. Added toggle :)
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