Spigot Trey's Double Jump [API] 2.5.3

Easiest Double Jump plugin to use! So many features! NOW INCLUDES INFINITE JUMP!

  1. Please make it so we can completely disable cooldown and doublejump mid air just like at the lobby of InvadedLands
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  2. Added in 2.5.0
  3. Can you make infinitejump exactly like invadedlands it looks weird asf Right now being able to jump forever without a 0.1sec cooldown mid air like in invaded there's a effect
  4. Please make the infinity jump better ;/ just like invaded lands!
  5. Would love to have the flying issue fixed
  6. Another issue, players can still run when their hunger bar is low
  7. Code (Text):
    [00:59:29 WARN]: [Trey's Double Jump] Loaded class org.apache.commons.io.FileUtils from PlugMan v2.1.7 which is not a depend, softdepend or loadbefore of this plugin.
  8. Hello, how do I use the DisabledBlocks config section? There's no documentation for it... I've tried:

    DisabledBlocks: ['minecraft:yellow_wool', 'minecraft:red_wool', 'minecraft:lime_wool', 'minecraft:eek:range_wool', 'minecraft:grass_block']
    DisabledBlocks: ['yellow_wool', 'red_wool', 'lime_wool', 'orange_wool', 'grass_block']
    DisabledBlocks: [minecraft:yellow_wool, minecraft:red_wool, minecraft:lime_wool, minecraft:eek:range_wool, minecraft:grass_block]
    DisabledBlocks: [yellow_wool, red_wool, lime_wool, orange_wool, grass_block]

    But none of it worked...
  9. I have problem with Trey's Double Jump. Why a player without permissions can use double jump
  10. Hey, can you add database option?
  11. Hey!

    When a player leaves with the fly enable and then he rejoins, he needs to disable and enable the fly in order to be able to fly again.
    Is there a way to fix this?
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